LycoRed Launches New Corporate Image

LycoRed announces its corporate image redesign as a part of its global strategy to strengthen its market presence. The new corporate image includes a new company logo, website, and other marketing materials based on the LycoRed marketing plan.

The new logo of LycoRed represents the essential change in LycoRed’s image. In addition to its flagship brand Lyc-O-Mato®, LycoRed has expanded its portfolio to include a full range of carotenoids as well as providing solutions for fortification challenges. The LycoRed logo is the first symbol that reflects the changes in the company strategy and global activity.

“The logo’s font represents our solid ethical commitment and scientific foundation, while the dynamic cycle demonstrates LycoRed’s commitment for innovation and ongoing renewal,” explains Mr. Udi Alroy, Marketing Director at LycoRed. ”LycoRed is growing rapidly and successfully from a small innovative company to an international leader in the carotenoids and fortification ingredients category. The corporate image is part of our strategy to create a distinct market position for LycoRed.”

LycoRed’s web-site is an excellent example of internet B2B orientation using a clean red & white and up-to-date design that fits the new corporate image. The visitor can easily use as an efficient tool to learn about LycoRed’s extensive line of carotenoids for coloring and fortification, microencapsulated ingredients and exciting solutions for fortification challenges. Furthermore, the LycoRed intranet provides global Information sources for LycoRed’s network. “Since we unveiled the new site in December, the number of visitors entering our website has doubled,” says Alroy. “The unique structure of enables our visitors to find the information required in a minimum number of clicks of the mouse.”

LycoRed combines the established skills, innovative technologies and extensive experience of former subsidiaries, Biodar Nutriblend and, recent acquisition, Buckton Scott Nutrition, together with LycoRed’s unique expertise in natural tomato lycopene. LycoRed’s strategy calls for building a portfolio of high quality carotenoid brands, natural food colorants and effective fortification technologies via strong internal growth and acquisitions.

For further information, please contact:

Mr. Udi Alroy
Marketing Director
Phone: +972-8942-0930
Fax: +972-8942-0928

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