LycoRed's Natural Lycopene Wins EU Approval

LycoRed, Ltd., Israel, is pleased to announce that following approval by the European Commission, Lyc-O-Mato®, natural lycopene complex, has been cleared for marketing in the EU as a novel food ingredient for lycopene fortification.

After comprehensive scientific review by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), the approval was granted at the European Commission’s Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health meeting held on 20th February 2009. Formal publication of the authorization decision in the European Official Journal is expected this week.

Lyc-O-Mato® can be used in food supplements (in a dose of 15 mg/day), fruit and vegetable juice drinks, sport drinks, soups, breakfast cereals, bread, fats and dressings, foods intended for energy restricted diets for weight reduction, and foods for special medical purposes.

“This approval to market our patented natural tomato lycopene in Europe will help to increase natural lycopene consumption in 2009,” says Udi Alroy, V.P. Global Marketing and Sales at LycoRed. “Thanks to this new approval, Lyc-O-Mato® has created a new natural lycopene category for food applications in Europe.”

Any other natural lycopene manufacturer that would like to market the ingredient in Europe will not be able to unless and until their product passes regulatory scrutiny by the EU Member States’ national food assessment bodies. LycoRed will be providing input to these bodies when natural lycopene ingredients are under review.

Clinical studies demonstrate that greater intake of lycopene rich tomatoes is associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, and may also offer additional benefits in blood pressure management programs. Lyc-O-Mato®, a tomato lycopene complex, when taken orally, also helps provide year-round protection against free radical damage and environmental stress, helps to protect the skin from sun exposure and to maintain the healthy appearance and structure of skin that has been exposed to sun.

“This is important news for the food and beverage industries where fortifying foods with ingredients offering added health benefits is a key to higher profits. Food manufacturers should always be cautious when choosing an ingredient purported to provide health benefits. The ingredient manufacturer should be asked to supply the clinical research that backs up the claimed benefits,” added Alroy.

Lyc-O-Mato®, and the research behind it, reflects LycoRed’s ongoing commitment to the scientific development of carotenoid ingredients supporting cardiovascular health, skin health and the prevention of osteoporosis. LycoRed, with regional facilities in the U.S., Europe and Israel, supplies natural carotenoids and a wide range of other nutritional and colouring ingredients to the dietary supplement, functional food, food and cosmetic industries worldwide.

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For more information please contact:
Zohar Nir, PhD
VP New Product Development & Scientific Affairs, LycoRed, Ltd.
Mobile. 972 522 625 155 Tel: 972 8 6296 630
Website: Email: [email protected]

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