Main Street Partners with Klinge Foods to Distribute LoSalt® to Food Manufacturers

Main Street Ingredients has been appointed by Klinge Foods Ltd as the industrial representative and distributor of their highly successful reduced sodium LoSalt® to food manufacturers in North America.

LoSalt® is a great tasting reduced sodium salt containing only one-third the sodium of regular table, sea and rock salts. As it is high in natural potassium, it is a far healthier salt. LoSalt® is an innovative and responsible approach to consumer sodium health issues.

“Main Street Ingredients is excited to partner with Klinge Foods and add LoSalt® to its portfolio of health and wellness ingredients serving the food industry in North America”, states Bill Schmitz, President, Main Street Ingredients. “LoSalt® will extend our commitment to providing healthy ingredients and will respond to the increasing consumer pressure put on food manufacturers to reduce sodium in their products.”

“LoSalt®, a leader (with an 82% market share) in the UK reduced sodium retail market, has assisted various food manufacturers launch lower sodium products in the UK”, adds Mike Lloyd, Sales & Business Development Manager, Klinge Foods. “It is with great pleasure that we partner with Main Street Ingredients to bring this great ingredient to food manufacturers in North America.”

Guy Bouthillier, Director of Business Development, Main Street Ingredients states, “As partners to food processors, we are well aware of their customer’s concerns in regards to the health issues of salt. Main Street Ingredients is pleased to offer the technical assistance to help food developers optimize their lower sodium products. LoSalt® is a great ingredient to address these concerns.’’

About Main Street Ingredients
Main Street Ingredients is a leader in providing high quality food ingredients to the dairy, nutritional and food processing industries. Applications include ice cream and frozen desserts, cheese products, bakery products, nutritional beverages, confections, and more. The corporate office and manufacturing facilities are located in La Crosse, WI with distribution outlets across North America. Recognized for its functional stabilizer systems, expertise in proteins, private-label nutritional systems and custom-formulated blends, Main Street Ingredients provides innovative concepts to customers worldwide. Main Street Ingredient’s manufacturing facility is USDA and Grade A, rated superior by the American Institute of Baking, certified by FPA-SAFE, GMP certified by NSF, Kosher compliant and certified Organic. A team of cutting-edge food scientists, combined with a new Research & Development Center and an accredited quality systems program is a recipe for success. For more information, visit us at

About Klinge Foods and LoSalt®
LoSalt®: Balanced for Life, Balanced for Flavour. 66% less sodium than regular table, sea and rock salts

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