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Manitoba Harvest Hires Education & Promotions Coordinator

Winnipeg, Manitoba – From the very beginning, a cornerstone of Manitoba Harvest’s mission has been to educate people about nutritious hemp foods and healthy lifestyles. The leading hemp foods company has announced that they have hired Autumn Bree as Education & Promotions Coordinator to help implement their education mission.

Hemp foods are hot. According to the latest data from SPINs, the hemp foods industry grew by at least 47% in 2005. “We are on track to double our sales from last year to more than $2.5 million in 2005,” says Manitoba Harvest™ Hemp Foods & Oils co-founder Mike Fata. “Autumn is very knowledgeable about nutrition and the many uses and healthy attributes of hemp foods,” says Fata. “She is a vibrant communicator and her passion for teaching people about healthy lifestyles is a strong asset for the company,” he adds.

The booming international demand for hemp foods has enabled Manitoba Harvest™ Hemp Foods & Oils to expand their employment and production line to 3 shifts working 24 hours per day. Last month, the busy Winnipeg company announced the appointment of Robb Wagg as the Midwest and Eastern Regional Sales Manager. Manitoba Harvest has also added an oil press and other manufacturing equipment to increase the production capacity of their operation.

Since Manitoba Harvest™ is the largest integrated producer of hemp food products in North America, they distinguish themselves from the competition by controlling production from “seed to shelf.” Because of this advantage, they are better able to ensure price stability, freshness and quality. Their expansion is helping to deliver their products fresh on-demand – an approach that maximizes freshness – which is important for ensuring the nutritional value and flavor of hemp foods.

“Foods and supplements that offer omega-3 essential fatty acids like hemp are hot because medical evidence touting the health benefits continues to grow,” notes Fata. Hemp foods also have a strong digestible protein profile, fiber and an abundance of vitamins and minerals. “People are learning that hemp is a nutritional powerhouse and Autumn will be instrumental in spreading the word,” says Fata.

Manitoba Harvest contracts 4,000 acres of hemp seed production in Manitoba with 20 local farmers that are shareholders in the company. They process the raw seed into hemp seed oil, shelled hemp seed, hemp seed nut butter and hemp protein powder at their 6,000 square foot state-of-the-art kosher and USDA certified organic facility. Manitoba Harvest™ products are distributed to more than 2,500 stores and are sold in bulk to manufacturers of bars, cereals, cosmetics and other products. For more information, please visit or call Mike Fata at 1-800-665-HEMP (4367).

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