Market America Announces Pethealth Product Line

New PetHealth(tm) Formula Leads the Pack with Antioxidants for Dogs and Cats

GREENSBORO, NC - Market America, a leading product brokerage and Internet marketing company, announced the opening of its new Pet Store with the launch of a revolutionary product that offers pets the same natural antioxidant benefits enjoyed by people.

Designed specifically for cats and dogs, PetHealth(tm) OPC Formula is a powdered antioxidant blend that can be sprinkled over food to help provide protection against free radicals that occur naturally in pets. Free radicals have been considered a leading cause of decreased functions in the immune, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal systems.

PetHealth OPC Formula is a product that was initiated by the success of Market America's Isotonix® OPC-3(tm), a natural supplement that delivers powerful antioxidants called Oligomeric Proanthocyanadins, or OPCs. OPCs have been found to play an important role in neutralizing free radicals, molecules that can cause cellular damage.

"PetHealth OPC Formula is a direct result of our constant and insightful evaluation of today's marketplace," said Marty Weissman, executive vice president, Market America, Inc. "We analyzed thousands of customer surveys and one product that was regularly requested was a product for pets that offered the same antioxidant benefits as our popular Isotonix OPC-3."

Market America utilizes its vast network of distributors and customers to survey the market's need for new products. After analyzing thousands of responses to online surveys, the company discovered that consumers value the health of their pet almost as much as other family members. The PetHealth line of products was produced to satisfy that demand.

PetHealth is available in Tasty Beef and Smoked Fish flavors, both for dogs and cats.


Headquartered in Greensboro, N.C., Market America is an Internet marketing company that provides product solutions through the power of One-to-One Marketing and Mass Customization. Founded in 1992, the company has experienced explosive growth and achieved more than $1 billion in suggested retail sales. Market America has more than 90,000 distributors worldwide and has recently expanded its operations into Australia.


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