Market-Wise Enterprises Ltd. Registers Under New US Bioterrorism Regulations; Ready for Solid Growth in 2004

December 10, 2003 -- Milton, ON Canada -- Market-Wise Enterprises announces that it has completed its registration with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration under section 305 of the United States Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002.

Market-Wise clients can continue to count on the company delivering the value-added service and premium quality products they have come to expect, which includes complete compliance with the pre-notification FDA will require under the new regulations.

Market-Wise Enterprises Ltd. is a contract applied marketing and research organization for grams-to-tons process and product development. It specializes in extraction, purification and modification of biologically-derived materials such as botanicals, fruits and vegetables. Industries served include food and ingredients, fats, oils and lipids, nutraceuticals and functional foods, biotechnology, animal feeds, and cosmetics.

About Market-Wise Enterprises, Ltd.
Since 1994 Market-Wise has served as Corporate Advisors to the Nutraceutical Industry involved in Strategic Planning, Product Development and Research and Marketing. It is the exclusive Canadian marketer and distributor of CRAN-MAX® and the BIO-SHIELD® product line of proprietary infused fruit powders, including BLUE-MAX® (blueberry-based), BIL-MAX® (bilberry-based) and ELDER-MAX® (elderberry-based).

Marketwise is also the owner of the GQA (Grower quality Assurance) trademark which represents food safety standards and good agricultural practices for North American growers of botanicals, fruits and vegetables. All growers are licensed, audited and inspected to ensure purity, potency and quality is achieved from the field gate to the finished product. For more information visit


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