MaRS Landing has Touched Down in Toronto’s MaRS Discovery District

Toronto - On January 30th, 2006, Michelle Schurter joined the MaRS Landing team as Development Director. Schurter’s arrival establishes a physical presence for MaRS Landing in the MaRS Centre, the hub of Toronto’s Discovery District. Under the leadership of Dr. John Kelly, Schurter will promote the connection between agriculture and food innovation with human health.

The downtown Toronto location provides an excellent spring-board for the MaRS Landing team (head office located in Guelph, Ontario), and their many partners to promote and link research and innovation opportunities with investment and commercialization activity. Primary activities Schurter will undertake include:

  • networking with key sectors and establishing relationships which promote agriculture and food research and industry development;
  • educating urban communities, government stakeholders, and future partners on the link between agriculture, food and human health;
  • delivering signature and partner-based events, information sessions and entrepreneur-based services; and,
  • creating a host site for the partners and provincial stakeholders of MaRS Landing to gain an entrance-way into Toronto’s Discovery District.

Schurter’s background makes her ideal for the MaRS Landing Development Director position in Toronto. Aside from a family origin in rural Ontario, an undergraduate degree from the University of Guelph, graduate degrees in Social Work and Business Administration, and professional experience in health, community and economic development, Schurter exudes a dynamic flare for bringing together people and resources to achieve mutual interests and community prosperity.

“The value of Ontario’s agriculture and food sector to the Ontario economy is reason enough to be excited about this opportunity. Having worked in the health sector, however, connecting the preventative contribution of agriculture and food to reducing health costs and focusing on wellness versus treatment is an even greater reason for enthusiasm”, comments Schurter.

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