Maxx Performance joins sustainable palm oil program

Maxx Performance joins sustainable palm oil program

Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil's GreenPalm program develops, implements, verifies and reviews credible global standards for the entire supply chain.

Maxx Performance is proud to announce it has joined the worldwide Green Palm Sustainability Project. Endorsed by the international RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil), GreenPalm ( is working to solve the environment and social problems surrounding the production of Palm Oil around the world.

The innovative GreenPalm program is designed to regulate plantations, mills and even countries in an attempt to develop, implement, verify and review credible global standards for the entire supply chain of sustainable palm oil.

Says Maxx Performance President Winston Samuels, “Our customers will be pleased to know that for every ton of palm oil and palm kernel oil we use in the production of microencapsulates, we’ve paid a voluntary premium to a palm oil producer who is certified as operating within the RSPO’s strict guidelines for social and environmental responsibility.”

Continued Samuels, “We’re proud to join the ranks of Nestle, Kraft and Wal-Mart in supporting sustainability and making a tremendously positive impact on our industry.”

About Maxx Performance
Maxx Performance is the leading provider of microencapsulation technologies that help manufacturers overcome application and processing challenges, optimize product delivery and improve time-to-market. The company's solutions help manufacturers mask taste and off odors, extend shelf life and product preservation, prevent premature reactions and interactions, enhance flavor, texture and quality and control the release of ingredients both in humans and in animals. Maxx Performance technologies are primarily used in the manufacture of supplements, baked goods, confectionary goods and meat products, as well as feed applications for the delivery of nutrients in animal health and nutrition including dairy, companion animals and aquaculture.

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