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MenaQ7 vitamin K improves bone strength, cardiovascular health

MenaQ7 vitamin K improves bone strength, cardiovascular health
Breakthrough MenaQ7 study presented at Vitafoods shows for the first time in history the positive health effects of a nutritional dose of vitamin K.

NattoPharma announces the presentation of the recently completed milestone three-year clinical trial investigating beneficial effects of nutritional doses of natural vitamin K2 (MenaQ7) on bone and vascular health. Yesterday at Geneva’s Vitafoods 2012, Dr. Cees Vermeer, principal investigator at VitaK laboratory at Maastricht University, presented data showing significant benefits for improved bone strength and prevention of cardiovascular aging with daily supplementation of MenaQ7.

MenaQ7 supplementation provided a statistically significant protection of the most vulnerable bone structures, i.e., vertebrae and the hip. One of the important findings from the study was that clinically relevant improvement at the site of the femoral neck became evident no sooner than after two and three years of MenaQ7 supplementation. This finding explains for the first time why shorter studies typically failed to show benefits of vitamin K on bone health and cardiovascular health.

The MenaQ7 trial showed substantial benefits in preventing age-related stiffening of arteries resulting in increase of the PWV in the placebo group, but not in the MenaQ7-group. Most remarkably, MenaQ7 not only prevented stiffening, it also resulted in an unprecedented statistically significant improvement of vascular elasticity both measured with ultrasound techniques and PWV.

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