MGPI'S Unique Line of Resistant Starches Taking on New Name

ATCHISON, Kan., Jun 22, 2004 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Effective July 1, MGP Ingredients, Inc. (MGPI) is changing the name of its FiberStar(TM) line of resistant starches to Fibersym(TM). Under development for several weeks, the change is being made to better define the line and give it greater brand distinction in the fiber enhancement category, which is being driven by interest in low-carbohydrate products.

The company's resistant starches consist of a wheat-based resistant starch, presently called MGPI FiberStar(TM) 70, and a recently added potato- based variety, called MGPI FiberStar(TM) 80 ST. They are being renamed Fibersym(TM) 70 and Fibersym(TM) 80 ST, respectively. The new name connotes the line's ability to perform like traditional fiber, but with additional benefits, in a wide range of food products, including breads, tortillas, muffins, waffles, breakfast cereals, cookies, nutritional bars, snack products and more.

"The Fibersym(TM) name is more indicative of the functional similarities these unique ingredients have with fiber rather than with typical starches," said Mike Trautschold, executive vice president of marketing and sales. "Capable of delivering between 70 percent and 80 percent of total dietary fiber, they greatly reduce net carbohydrate levels in foods."

Another important benefit of MGPI's resistant starches is that they possess low water-holding capacity, allowing for high levels of inclusion with minimal formulation changes. Additionally, they possess a neutral flavor, white color and smooth texture and, as a result, do not detract from the natural form, texture or taste of foods in which they are incorporated.

"We frequently refer to our resistant starches as the 'invisible fiber' because they blend so easily and inconspicuously with other ingredients to create very eye-appealing and great tasting products," Trautschold said. "This presents a special benefit for many foods which up until now have been unable to deliver increased fiber content without also undergoing undesirable changes in taste, texture and/or appearance," he added.

MGP Ingredients began marketing its wheat-based resistant starch in July, 2003. The company introduced its potato-based resistant starch to the market this spring.

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