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Mineral Miracle, written by Drs. Shari Lieberman and Alan Xenakis

Open the Door to a Pain-Free Life

The Discovery of a Remarkable New Mineral Deposit Promises to Change the Way We Understand & Treat the Joint Pain of Arthritis & Other Inflammatory Conditions

It’s midnight. You try to sleep, but with every toss and turn, the jarring pain in your joints keeps you up. After taking a couple extra-strength aspirin, you finally fall asleep. Suddenly the alarm clock rings. As you stretch to shut it off, you feel a sharp pain in your shoulder. Very slowly, you get out of bed, and the pain seems to move from your shoulder to your back to your knees. You head to the medicine cabinet, not for more aspirin, but for your prescription anti-inflammatory medication. You tell yourself you’ll be fine in about a half hour. But will you?

For millions of Americans who suffer from the joint pain of arthritis and other inflammatory conditions, this scene is all too familiar. Fortunately, there is a safe, natural alternative that not only helps you experience safe and significant pain relief, but also addresses the underlying cause—inflammation. Mineral Miracle, written by cutting-edge researchers and best-selling authors Drs. Shari Lieberman and Alan Xenakis, introduces a natural mineral complex that is a true gift of the earth. The book first presents a clear and comprehensive picture of this unique mineral blend, including how it was discovered and how it works. It then provides the compelling scientific evidence that supports this compound’s extraordinary ability to significantly reduce inflammatory joint pain naturally, safely, and quickly—often within just a few days. The book concludes with a proven multifaceted health regimen to safely and effectively protect you against disease.

If you suffer from pain that disrupts your sleep, interferes with your daily routine, and prevents you from enjoying your favorite activities, allow Mineral Miracle to offer a safe, effective, natural solution.

If you would like to order this book for your store(s), our titles are available through Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Integral Yoga, and New Leaf. Or you can order directly from us by contacting our office at 516-535-2010 or at our toll-free number 1-877-900-BOOK (for callers outside the New York metropolitan area only). You can also fax us at 516-535-2014.

Hardcover—ISBN: 0-7570-0291-9 / $21.95 US / 6 x 9-inch hardcover / 176 pgs.
Paperback—ISBN: 0-7570-0265-X / $15.95 US / 6 x 9-inch paperback / 176 pgs.

Contact Info:
Anthony Pomes, Director of Marketing
Square One Publishers
Phone#: 516-535-2010 x 105

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