Modern Science Confirms Ancient Wisdom!

A NEW LINE of Medicinal Mushroom products from the manufacturer you have trusted for over a decade!

New Jersey: Maitake Products, Inc., proudly introduces MUSHROOM WISDOMTM, a premier line of medicinal mushroom products. Throughout Asia, mushrooms are considered to maintain health, preserve youth and increase longevity. Now, thanks to modern science and the support of companies such as Maitake Products, Inc., there is research confirming this ancient wisdom of the medicinal effects of mushrooms for health improvement.

MUSHROOM WISDOMTMconsists of the following full spectrum products:
Super Lion’s Mane
Super Shiitake
Super Reishi
Super Cordyceps
Super Tremella (Silver Ear)
Super Turkey Tail (Coriolus)
Super Royal Agaricus (Agaricus blazei)

It is important to note that ALL MUSHROOM WISDOMTM products contain both high quality extract and fruit body, enhancing their power with the company’s highly researched D-FRACTION® and their bioavailability with BIOPERINE® !

As the pioneer in bringing the research and development of the highest quality Maitake mushroom products to the U.S., Maitake Products, Inc. is recognized as the leader in the industry. This new line of medicinal mushrooms products, MUSHROOM WISDOMTM, is a sign of the dedication to the support of research in the medicinal effects of mushrooms.

Now you can get the mushroom supplement of your choice from the mushroom specialist you have trusted for over a decade! Call 1-800-747-7418 for more information.

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