Motherlove Herbal Company - A New Look for Nurturing Life

Laporte, Colorado – Motherlove Herbal Company is re-launching its product line with a new look, new formulas, and several new products. For over a decade, Motherlove has been dedicated to the manufacture of certified organic herbal tinctures, salves, oils, and baths that effectively soothe and heal women at vital times during their childbearing years – from pregnancy through lactation.

“Pregnancy is a time of wonder and self-awareness; a time for women to focus on nurturing the life within,” says Kathryn Higgins, Motherlove’s owner and herbalist. “Our products are made using only certified organic herbs and are formulated with over 30 years experience and knowledge to insure safety and effectiveness.”

Because the skin absorbs the substances put on it, Motherlove Herbal Company is committed to making products that are truly natural. “Pregnancy is a time when women are most concerned about what they put into and on their bodies,” says Higgins. “Motherlove honors that concern by making our products without any synthetic ingredients whatsoever -- there are no petroleum products, artificial fragrances, dyes, or preservatives such as methyl and propyl paraben that are commonly found in body care products.”

Motherlove Herbal Company is working with One Tribe Creative of Fort Collins, Colorado, to update the company’s product branding and image. As a result of these efforts, Motherlove’s product re-launch includes:

  • New packaging for tinctures, salves, oils, and baths. Motherlove’s label has been redesigned for a more sophisticated look, and product lines are now color-coded. Tinctures feature green labels, salves and oils gold labels, and baths purple and blue labels. The Pregnant Belly Oil now comes with a handy dispensing pump; the 4 oz. tinctures have droppers; and the baths are packaged in attractive, reusable tins.
  • A streamlined tincture line focuses on Motherlove’s best-selling herbs for increasing breast milk (e.g., More Milk, More Milk Plus, More Milk Two, Fenugreek Seed, and Goat's Rue), as well as a new Sage tincture to help women decrease their milk supply.
  • New formulas for Motherlove’s Pregnant Belly Salve and Oil add lavender, rosehips, and lavender essential oil to the emollient mallow root and chamomile. Both products are in an apricot-grapeseed oil base to soften the skin with a non-greasy feel. Shea Butter has also been added to the Pregnant Belly Salve for its ability to lessen scars, wrinkles, and moisturize skin.
  • New products feature the Birth & Baby Set, which includes the new Birth & Baby Massage Oil, a mild, rose and lavender oil ideal for labor and infant massages; and the Birth & Baby Spritzer, a clean, uplifting aromatherapy spray. The Pregnancy Sample Pack includes sample sizes of Pregnant Belly Oil, Pregnant Belly Salve, Rhoid Balm, Birth & Baby Massage Oil and Baby Me Bath in a reusable pack--a great shower gift.

In addition to the product line re-launch, Motherlove Herbal Company’s print ads will now carry the tag line, Nurturing Life. “Those two words sum up all that is Motherlove,” says Higgins, “Our mission, our philosophy…everything that goes into our products.”

For more information on all Motherlove products as well as in-depth information on using herbs during pregnancy and breastfeeding, customers can visit Motherlove Herbal Company’s newly redesigned, educational web site at, or call 1.888.209.8321 for a free brochure. A store locator has also been added to the web site to facilitate customers’ ease in finding a retail location for products.

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