Multiple Organics introduces organic chia in white, black varieties

Multiple Organics introduces organic chia in white, black varieties

Multiple Organics, Inc. was the first to bring both white and black, EU and NOP-certified organic superseed chia to health-minded consumers and organic manufacturers.

When you hear the word "chia" images of "Chia Pet" commercials from the '80s may be the first thing that come to mind—but today chia has become one of the most talked about functional health ingredients. With a long list of benefits ranging from high omega-3s and protein, to its proven positive effects on diabetes, heart disease and endurance athletes—chia seed is now called a "superseed" by many of today's health experts.

Recently Multiple Organics, Inc., a leading international organic ingredients supplier, was the first to bring both white and black, EU and NOP-certified organic chia to health-minded consumers and organic manufacturers. In accordance with the Multiple Organics' Safety and Testing (MOST) program—one of the most stringent in the industry—each lot of organic chia is tested for food-safety at a third-party microbiologist laboratory prior to being released and processing is audited by a national food safety expert.

Why This "Superseed" Supersedes All Others

When comparing nutrients, chia's benefits truly surpass any other seed or grain on the market today. For one, chia has higher omega-3 content than any other vegetarian source. And, unlike flax, which must be thoroughly chewed or freshly milled in order for the body to access the nutrients, chia dissolves easily making it available to be absorbed and used the body. Additionally, chia is one of the few vegetarian food sources that contain all of the essential amino acids, making it a complete protein. It is also packed with B vitamins, iron, magnesium, and close to five times more calcium than milk.

Research has also shown that chia helps with the management of diabetes by slowing down the body's process of converting carbohydrates into simple sugars, thus reducing insulin sensitivity. A 2009 study from University of Toronto also found adding chia to the diet of diabetic people resulted in a 40% decrease of inflammation markers and significant blood pressure reduction, thus reducing their risk for cardiovascular disease. Dr. Vuksan, the lead researcher on the study, reports that, "You simply don't see many other ingredients that can do what this seed can. You add this to any food, even bad food, and it will improve your health."

Another unique property of chia is that it's highly hydrophilic and turns into a gel when exposed to water. This allows it to absorb and hold water in the body, therein helping suppress appetite and enhance body hydration. This property combined with its slow carbohydrate absorption rate makes it a great addition in functional foods for endurance athletes. Additionally, the gelling quality makes it a great thickening agent for food processing and, because it holds water, it can also be used in gluten-free formulations to provide moisture and a more pleasing texture.

About Multiple Organics, Inc.

Multiple Organics is a wholesale supplier of over 100 varieties of high-quality, certified organic ingredients—including everything from the superseed chia to perfectly-ripened organic dried mango filets and allergen-free chocolate products, as well as a long list of other cocoa products, dried fruits, edible seeds, beans, lentils, nuts, peas, specialty grains and sugar.

With an emphasis on strong supply chain management, food safety via its stringent, multi-level MOST (Multiple Organics Safety & Testing) program, and a devoted team of passionate professionals, Multiple Organics has been recognized as one of the fastest growing private companies in America by sources like Inc. magazine and theSan Francisco Business Times.

Over the past ten years, Multiple Organics has cultivated strong, long-lasting relationships with some of the most dedicated organic farmers, processors and manufacturers around the world. By working together with the entire chain from farm to consumer, Multiple Organics believes that advances in sustainability and food safety can, and must, be accomplished. For more information about Multiple Organics and products offered, visit

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