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Mushroom-based energy drink hits the market

Mushroom-based energy drink hits the market
Cordyceps and seven mushroom species in the NRGmatrix blend work together to impact energy levels and the immune system.

NRGmatrix, a medicinal mushroom-based energy drink, is available online and through select retailers in the United States and Europe. The product will hit domestic and international stores on a broader scale in the coming months.

“My goal was to develop a product that would provide people with not only a source of natural energy, but many noticeable health and immune benefits as well,” said Dr. Sandra Carter, founder and CEO of Matrix HealthWerks, parent company of NRGmatrix. “As someone who has made a career of health and wellness, I have been fascinated by the energy drink craze and the lack of truly healthy options. This is the perfect solution for those who are wary of energy drinks currently on the market.”

The powerful backbone and clear differentiating element in the NRGmatrix formula is its blend of 100 percent organic medicinal mushrooms. The superstar of this combination is Cordyceps—a powerful fungal species revered for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine. Each of the seven mushroom species in the NRGmatrix blend has unique bioactivity that work together to produce a highly effective impact on energy levels and the immune system. Mushrooms utilized in addition to Cordyceps include:

  • Reishi – Known as the “Elixer of Life,” Reishi has an incredible variety of bioactive ingredients, including antioxidants and immunity-boosting compounds
  • Antrodia – Traditionally used to support healthy liver function through antioxidants – crucial to sustaining energy, endurance and stamina
  • Agaricus blazei – Valued for its high level of beta glucan compounds, which have been shown to stimulate and increase the power of one’s immune system
  • Maitake – Research has shown that Maitake helps to balance blood sugar levels and increase insulin sensitivity, which are critical factors in maintaining increased energy levels
  • Shiitake – A Japanese mushroom that has immune benefits as well as anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties
  • King Trumpet – A rich source of L-ergothioneine – an antioxidant only found in fungi that helps conserve and maintain levels of other antioxidants – which has been shown to support bone health and the efficient digestion and utilization of nutrients

NRGmatrix is citrus flavored and is naturally sweetened with stevia and monkfruit. Its proprietary herbal and energy blend includes organic yerba mate powder extract, organic guarana powder extract, taurine, organic American ginseng extract and turmeric root powder extract. NRGmatrix is free of gluten, sugar, GMOs, artificial flavors and artificial colors, sodium, wheat, corn, soy and dairy. There are no known allergens.

The core ingredients of NRGmatrix – including its blend of 100 percent organic medicinal mushrooms – are grown and processed at Dr. Carter’s production facility in San Marcos, Calif.
NRGmatrix was developed with the help of a scientific advisory board comprised of Dr. Dennis Carlo, one of the founding fathers of the San Diego biotech industry; Dr. Sheldon Saul Hendler, a physician, author, educator and expert on nutritional supplements; and Steve Farrar, MSc, a leader in fresh and mycelia mass mushroom production methodology.

NRGmatrix comes in powder form and can be diluted in 12 to 16 ounces of water. It is available in packages of 10 individual packets for $20.99 at

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