Napa Nutritionals expands distribution of FAST-C

Napa Nutritionals expands distribution of FAST-C

The Napa Nutritionals vitamin C product is available to a select but growing list of health stores asking to carry the product.

Napa Nutritionals now sells their award-winning vitamin C ingredient, Fast C, through CalMart in Calistoga and Transform FX in Concord, California. Fast C and Garli-Eze, two industry changing, patented ingredients were formerly available only to quality-driven vitamin companies looking to add the award-winning ingredients to their products. Advanced Orthomolecular Research and Quality of Life Labs are two such current companies. "We value the caliber of our wholesale clients and we are excited to make our pure ingredients available to the public through the Napa Nutritionals label," says Gretchen Reece, President of Scientific Food Solutions and Nutra Products, the producers Fast C and Garli-Eze respectively.

Scientific Food Solutions (SFS) won the 2009 Scientific Achievement Award and the prestigious 2009 Nutrition Business Journal (NBJ) for setting new records on accepted standards for vitamin C, and over the last three years has received much press for improving the efficacy of Vitamin C through their proprietary process. Vitamins are judged on their delivery systems as well as effectiveness. Vitamins deliver not just by the method taken (i.e. tablet, caplet etc.) and by speed of absorption, but more important to the consumer, is whether the products actually do what they promise to. According to Reece, Fast C is different due to its unique formulation which causes it to deliver faster results. Several test comparisons on humans demonstrate that the beneficial effects of Fast-C last longer than a leading brand. Two independent studies were conducted at Miami Research Associates, both of which were presented at the American Collage of Nutrition that published the findings.

Vitamin supplement companies may volunteer to have their products evaluated for effectiveness and truth telling, by impartial 3rd party institutions like Miami Research Associates in Miami, Florida. But the process tends to be very expensive and few companies do it. Reece did; positioning, " before sales!" as she puts it.

As their name suggests, Napa Nutritionals is located in the Napa Valley of California and is quickly gaining a loyal grass-roots following among people who appreciate their philosophy of science and ethics first. Indeed, Reece's list of health stores asking to carry her product appears to be growing steadily.

For more information about this company go to the Napa Nutritionals website:

For more information on the clinical evaluations on Fast-C go to:

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