NatraBio® Launches Nicotine Free Smoking Cessation Program

Nico-Rx (TM) Two-Part Program Targets The Addiction

FERNDALE, WA, February 18, 2003 - NatraBio®, a division of Botanical Laboratories, Inc. (BLI),, one of the world¹s leading U.S. manufacturers of oral and topical homeopathic drug preparations, introduced a new nicotine free smoking cessation product - Nico-Rx (TM).

"We have been working with doctors for over six years to develop this whole new concept to quitting that works with the nervous system to calm and comfort the body easing tobacco cravings," stated Jim Coyne, president of NatraBio. "Because Nico-Rx is nicotine free it goes directly after the problem, nicotine addiction, and won¹t result in the swapping of one addiction for another."

Nico-Rx (TM) is a two-part program that includes Anti-Craving Gum and Detoxifying Tablets. Part one of the program, the Nico-Rx mint Anti-Craving Gum, is designed to help with tobacco cravings throughout the day for ongoing support. The gum is formulated with well-known, researched ingredients in a unique formula that works each day. Because Nico-Rx is nicotine free, it will not cause nicotine overdose.

Part two of the program includes Nico-Rx Detoxifying Tablets. The tablets help manage cravings throughout the day, with the added benefit of detoxifying the body of nicotine and minimizing withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, nervous tension, irritability and stress.

Nico-Rx is currently available over-the-counter in natural health food stores and supermarkets nationally. Nico-Rx is also available on or via the 24-Hour Nico-Rx Information Center at 1-800-601-9262. The 2-Part Quit Smoking Program retails for $24.99 and includes 48 pieces of Anti-Craving Gum and 60 Detoxifying Tablets. The Nico-Rx Anti-Craving Gum refill packet retails for $15.99 and includes 36 pieces.

NatraBio®,, manufacturers a full line of natural combination homeopathic medicines and selected supplements that address a variety of health conditions and symptoms. Each product is manufactured in a pharmaceutical grade facility in accordance with the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States under strict FDA standards.

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