Natraceutical SA Begins Trading

A report on notes that Natraceutical SA, an herbal extract producer, begins trading today. The company, a division of Natra SA of Spain, and a Coca-Cola Co. supplier for more than 30 years, is shifting its focus from caffeine to kola nuts, guarana and other products such as roots, artichokes and cocoa butter.

The company confidently projects a doubling of extract sales by 2004, although analysts, having watched less than optimum performance from other companies entering the sector recently, are less confident.

The company sells 17 non-patented extracts to food and cosmetics companies including pygeum, a rare and high value product from the African plum tree. Some of the raw materials are sourced from from Natra Cacao, part of the parent company, and a French organization called Herb's International SCE.

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