Natur Research Ingredients To Launch Worldwide CWEET(TM) (3000x) Natural Sweetener For 2010

Los Angeles, CA June 24, 2008- Natur Research Ingredients, Inc. of Los Angeles announced today that it plans to release in 2010 its next generation of the Cweet Natural Intense Sweetener platform with a version that is 3,000 times sweeter by weight than sucrose.

Market trends show that mass food and beverage manufacturers are seeking to reduce or replace sugar and HFCS usage. Cweet (3000x) Natural Intense Sweetener will address the global market demand for a natural intense sweetener with sucrose-like taste profile, while reducing caloric, glycemic loads and remaining cost effective.

Natur Research Ingredients, Inc. obtained the exclusive worldwide license in 2007 from the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) to manufacture and distribute Cweet Natural Intense Sweetener, which is derived from brazzein (Pentadiplandra brazzeana Baillon), a sweet fruit found in a West Africa.

Natur Research Ingredients, Inc. is also in discussions with global food and beverage brands for the exclusive rights to use Cweet within their product category for the first 2-years from availability. "Manufacturers can lock in their exclusive use now, thus having a market advantage over competing brands in their category, for the first 2-years upon regulatory approval," said Miles. "Miles added, we are also exploring strategic partnerships with global food raw material manufacturers and distributors to establish a supportive infrastructure for supply and demand for Cweet worldwide."

“As a new sweetener resource, we will be seeking sustainable manufacturing processes with a low carbon footprint,” stated Miles. “Further, because the brazzein plant is native to Africa, we are exploring establishing a foundation that will contribute to humanitarian causes in Africa once production and distribution has started.”
Natur Research Ingredients, Inc. will be exhibiting at IFT 2008 in New Orleans at booth 4405.

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For more information, contact: Loren Miles, CEO of Natur Research Ingredients, Inc., [email protected] Tel: 310.445.0020, Fax: 310.473.1086

About Natur Research Ingredients, Inc.
Natur Research Ingredients, Inc. is a privately held concern that will exclusively manufacture and distribute worldwide Cweet™ Natural Intense Sweetener products.

Natur Research Ingredients is part of the Natur Research companies based in Los Angeles, California.

Natur Research Foods, Inc. manufactures and distributes low intensity all-natural sweeteners for both the commercial and consumer sectors.

Natur Research, Inc. is a natural, proprietary, clinically based nutraceutical manufacturer and distributor.

About WARF
In 1925, WARF was established as the first university-based technology transfer office in the United States. It supports world-class research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison by funding research, protecting the intellectual property of university faculty, staff and students, and by licensing inventions resulting from their work to benefit the world.

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