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Natural coconut facial mask provides innovative skin treatment delivery system

Century City, CA – Balancing impressive age-defying effects with a natural approach to personal care has just become a little easier. Toyo Bio-Pharma™, the US branch of Japanese natural product leader Toyo Shinyaku, has announced the release of NouriMask™, their coconut-based facial mask product. The latest cosmeceutical advance is now available to US manufacturers who are interested in utilizing a novel, 100% natural delivery system for nutrient rich moisturizers, age-defying serums and infusions.

The facial mask is composed of a micro-cellulose fiber derived from Nata de Coco, a natural fermented coconut product from Southeast Asia. “The nano-scale fibers conform perfectly to the skin’s surface resulting in superior dermal contact,” explained Mario Kahn, Chief Marketing Officer of the California-based Toyo Bio-Pharma. “This enhanced contact with the skin promotes absorbance any nutrient rich skin treatments that are infused in the mask.”

One of the most innovative delivery systems available today, the patent pending technology of NouriMask™ has been clinically proven to have a deeper skin penetration and assist absorbance of skin nutrition¬–nutrients penetrate into every layer of the stratum corneum far more effectively when compared to using a nonwoven mask or lotion only. The micro-cellulose fibers are also proven to provide a cooling sensation for a relaxing facial experience, making the NouriMask™ the ideal compliment for Spa and any facial treatments.

This is all good news to natural-products manufacturers in the US. According to Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability ( the US market for Healthy Lifestyle products has reached $50 billion and includes not only demand for nutritional supplements, but also natural personal care and beauty products. Consumers are increasing conscious of the link between beauty and health and are seeking product solutions that are both natural and effective. Toyo Bio-Pharma leads the industry in providing the natural raw ingredients that meet and exceed those expectations and is well positioned to deliver personal care and beauty products with the highest quality today.

Toyo Bio-Pharma’s other raw ingredient offerings in the US include TOYO-FVG™, the leading Maritime Pine Bark Extract in Japan; Toyo-KanSho™ Sweet Potato Leaf powder; Puer Flower™ Pueraria Extract and several functional ingredients processed with proprietary fermentation technology to enhance potency and efficacy. Selling more FOSHU (Foods for Specified Health Use) products than any other manufacturer worldwide, Toyo is well-footed in Asia and possesses solid science and clinical studies to back its ingredients. As an integrated manufacturer, the company possesses an excellent ability to adapt to specific client needs ranging from growing and harvesting raw materials to processing and packaging the final product.

For more information on this premier raw ingredient manufacturer and NouriMask, please contact Yoshi Shiraishi at 310.792.7467, Mario Kahn at 805.552.1988 or visit

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