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Natural Cosmetics Masterclass focuses on sustainable ingredients

Natural Cosmetics Masterclass focuses on sustainable ingredients
New masterclass looks at major advances in green ingredients and tackles some of the major formulation issues associated with using them.

The growing use of sustainable ingredients in cosmetic products is the focus of the next Natural Cosmetics Masterclass, taking place in Paris on June 27th.

Dwindling petrochemical supply and rising raw material prices are pushing chemical companies towards plant-based feedstock as a sustainable source. However, cosmetic ingredients from agricultural raw materials are giving rise to new formulation issues. This new masterclass looks at major advances in green ingredients and tackles some of the major formulation issues associated with using such ingredients.

Organised by Organic Monitor, the masterclass comprises two sessions. The morning session will highlight some of the new sustainable ingredients available to formulators and product developers. The afternoon session comprises an interactive workshop that highlights the problems in using green ingredients in cosmetic formulations and how they could be overcome.

The opening seminar by Organic Monitor highlights some of the novel sustainable ingredients developed for cosmetic applications. The proceeding paper looks at some of the green emulsifier and surfactant options available to companies looking to move away from synthetic materials, such as SLS/SLES. Alban Muller, president and founder of Alban Muller International, will discuss the preservative alternatives to parabens. AkzoNobel will give details of its new sustainable polymers for hair care applications, whilst another paper discusses the challenges of synthesising cosmetic ingredients from agricultural raw materials. The latest market data and projections will be given on the European market for natural and organic cosmetics, whilst an update will be given on the leading standards and certifications.

The afternoon session comprises a dedicated workshop titled ‘Tackling the Green Formulation Issues’. Judi Beerling, Head of Technical Research at Organic Monitor, will give a comprehensive review of the formulation issues associated with using green ingredients, especially for natural and organic cosmetics. Details are given of permitted and prohibited substances for companies looking to develop pure natural/organic cosmetics. Comparisons are made between formulations containing synthetic materials and green alternatives, in terms of performance, stability, safety and costs.

Organic Monitor has devised this Masterclass to encourage the use of green formulations. Although the palette of sustainable ingredients has grown, research shows that many technical issues remain. By highlighting the green options for preservatives, emulsifiers, surfactants, emollients, silicones and other synthetics, the masterclass aims to encourage the take-up rate of sustainable ingredients.

Natural Cosmetics Masterclass
Organised by Organic Monitor, this new Masterclass will take place at the Trocadero Business Center, Paris on 27th June. Registration for this interactive training course is limited to 50 delegates. Since 2008, Organic Monitor has been hosting Natural Cosmetic Masterclasses and workshops at various international locations that include London, Nuremberg, Bologna, Barcelona, New York, Bangkok, Singapore and Hong Kong.

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