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Natural Health Products in Clinical Practice - Scientific Research Symposium

Scientific Research Symposium
May 24, 2006
Edmonton, Alberta

The Natural Health Product Research Society of Canada (NHPRS) is pleased to host a special research symposium on Natural Health Products in Clinical Practice, which will be held on May 24th, 2006 at the Shaw Convention Centre in Edmonton Alberta, Canada.

The NHPRS has invited the world’s leading experts to share their research results that cover the spectrum of healing modalities germane to clinical practice. The roster of distinguished presenters includes: Drs. Mary Hardy (Chair), Steven Aung, Joseph Betz, Betsy Singh, Michael Smith, Vlad Vuksan, and other internationally recognized speakers.

Attendees will benefit from a full day of learning and professional updating as these internationally recognized experts address critical research and clinical topics such as:

• Latest developments in the use of evidence-based NHPs in clinical practice
• Effective integration of NHPs into clinical practice
• Critical gaps in NHP research
• Successfully meeting regulatory and methodological challenges
• Qualifying NHPs for clinical research and achieving study reproducibility
• Updates on product safety

Please visit the NHPRS web-site ( to review the program and speaker biographies.

Who should attend?
Attendance at this event will be of vital importance to scientists, health professionals, government representatives, and industry leaders who are interested in NHP research and the use of NHPs in conventional or CAM clinical practice.

To register, please visit:

Supporting Scientific Research on NHPs
Sponsorship of the Edmonton Symposium is still open and will enable interested parties to directly reach a select audience of stakeholders that includes: the media, healthcare providers, researchers, government and industry representatives. The symposium will benefit sponsoring partners in a variety of ways:
• Keeps organizations abreast of cutting-edge research in NHPs
• Provides opportunities to network with leading researchers, clinicians, and government regulators
• Creates opportunities to establish collaborative projects between government, academia and industry
• Promotes ongoing professional development and networking among scientists, health professionals and government for the purpose of establishing safe standards of practice
• Demonstrates their commitment to rigorous scientific research and safe, effective, high quality NHPs

For more information, please contact: Dennis Charland, Symposium Coordinator, at: [email protected].

The Natural Health Products in Clinical Practice symposium is being held in conjunction with the North American Research Conference on Complementary and Integrative Medicine (IM-Conf-2006) May 25-27, 2006. Information on the IM-Conf-2006 is posted at (

The NHP Research Society of Canada (NHPRS) is a non-profit scientific organization. It has earned an international reputation for the high quality and integrity of its scientific programs.
The mission of the NHPRS is to facilitate and support meaningful, scientifically rigorous research and education on natural health products. The purpose of the society is to promote the achievement of national research priorities that will best enable the informed and appropriate use of NHPs that are safe, efficacious, and of high quality.

Our specific objectives are to:
• Build NHP research and education capacity;
• Facilitate effective NHP knowledge transfer and translation;
• Inform decision-making and evidence-based policy development;
• Foster interdisciplinary NHP research collaborations and networking;
• Promote the use of high quality, well-characterized and standardized NHPs in research;
• Develop national product quality standards, reference materials and validated methods.
• Provide representation & communication forums for the NHP research community; and to
• Advocate and uphold fair and ethical standards in NHP education and research.

We invite you to visit our website at for further information on the Society.

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