Natural Products Foundation elects new executive officers

Natural Products Foundation elects new executive officers

Brown, Weir, Matteson and Shaw take the reigns of the board of directors.

The Natural Products Foundation (NPF) announced the election of new executive officers from the organization’s Board of Directors. David Brown has been elected chairman of NPF, J.D. Weir has been elected treasurer and David Matteson has been elected secretary. The Board of Directors also welcomed John Shaw, new executive director and CEO of the Natural Products Association, as NPF’s president.

“I am looking forward to serving as chairman of the Natural Products Foundation board,” said David Brown. “The new executive team is composed of dedicated professionals committed to helping NPF meet its mission of providing research and education related to natural products.”

David Brown is the current president of LifeVantage Network. Prior to LifeVantage, Mr. Brown had been managing director and cofounder of Nutritional Business Advisors, president and CEO of Metabolife International, and president of Natural Balance, International. Mr. Brown earned his juris doctor degree from Cornell University, and began his career as a corporate attorney at the law firm Kindel & Anderson.

J.D. Weir is the president and CEO of Primus Pharmaceuticals. In the past, Weir has led various prescription and OTC drug and medical device businesses for Procter & Gamble (P&G) and later The Kendall Company’s former home healthcare subsidiary, Kendall-Futuro. At Kendall-Futuro, Mr. Weir was the vice president of marketing and product development. He has extensive experience in entrepreneurial management, marketing, sales and product development. He graduated from Harvard Business School with an MBA and from Augustana College with a BS in business and accounting.

David Matteson has dedicated his career to advancing healthy ideas, services and products into the marketplace. He is the cofounder of pH Sciences, and focuses his creative energy on his consulting practice, Early-Edge Solutions. Matteson serves on a variety of national advisory boards that strive to ensure consumer access and choice to effective healthcare services and healthy products. He holds academic degrees in biology/engineering, education, public health, and public policy and planning.

John Shaw is a longtime Washington, D.C., insider and a former top administration official. Prior to joining NPA, Shaw was Assistant Secretary for Environment Safety and Health at the Department of Energy, senior vice president of government affairs at the Portland Cement Association, senate investigative counsel to Senator Fred Thompson, and a public policy attorney with the Law Firm of Patton Boggs, LLP.

“In my new positions as CEO of NPA and president of NPF, I look forward to helping the association and the foundation maximize the synergy between the two organizations,” said John Shaw. “The educational efforts of NPF are invaluable to members of NPA as well as to consumers and the industry overall.”


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