Naturalpha Launches Its New International Web Portal

Naturalpha, international consulting, scientific and clinical research company in Nutrition and Health, partner of Food and Pharmaceutical Industries, is proud to announce the launch of its unique international web portal dedicated to Nutrition & Health professionals:

A unique web-based tool for innovation in Nutrition and Health created for professionals developing ingredients, functional foods, and dietary supplements

> The largest information database centralizing validated scientific and regulatory news in Nutrition and Health
> A unique Health claim database permanently updated on regulatory and scientific outcomes

Following on from the success of the French version launched in 2006, Naturalpha decided to provide an International version of its web-tool. The information centralized on is, up to date, relevant and coming from solid sources (scientific journals with supervisory committee, regulatory agencies...). Naturalpha’s goal is to provide professionals, interested by Nutrition and Health issues, with the right scientific and regulatory data.

The web portal consists of 4 main corners:

The “Science corner” is designed for monitoring and retrieving information regarding scientific and technological issues in Nutrition and Health. You will also find news about health ingredients effects, epidemiological studies, consumers’ behavior, clinical trials and innovative industrial processes.

The “Regulation corner” is aimed at improving the handling of regulatory data coming from EFSA and other agencies.

The “Health Claim Database” offers a complete access to the EFSA’s database on health claims (since June 2008). It makes it easier for R&D, Regulatory Affairs and Marketing departments to build successful health claims strategies.

With the Health Claim Database, perform an easy and quick search by claim type, health topic or products category to help you to:
• Identify and select the best wording for your claim
• Target the relevant therapeutic area or the trend regarding functional ingredient
• Build the adapted tests and studies for your R&D plan
• Design the right clinical trial to support your innovative strategy

Finally the “Innovation corner” will keep you up-to-date with latest patents, on-going clinical trials, and experts’ opinions on various topics in Nutrition and Health.

Personalized navigation through our nutrition search engine and customized e-mail alerts are also available.

Note: The data provided on contains no sponsorship or advertising, is fully independent and validated by a multidisciplinary team of specialists.

Christophe Ripoll, Naturalpha Research & Development Executive Vice-President declared “Nutrialpha Europe is a very interesting tool to help food industry professionals building a strong R&D strategy and health claim successes. In the field of Health and Nutrition, it is essential to access up-to-date scientific and regulatory information to identify agencies positioning and how to deal with it. Nutrialpha Europe’s team is fully aware of these practices and takes them into account when developing the health claims database for its clients. We feel that there is a need for specialized health claim support for the food industry and its suppliers. Knowledge diffused by Nutrialpha Europe constitutes a decisive advantage while building an R&D and health claim strategy for a healthy food product.”

Virginie Coste, Regulatory Affairs Manager of Naturalpha added “Nutrialpha Europe is a unique web-based tool for innovation allowing the user to keep in touch with the EFSA’s experts and their feedback and provides regulatory professionals in nutrition with up-to-date information from government agencies and international regulating bodies. The health claim database allows to search claims by product, health topic, EFSA opinions etc. It is an easy-to-use and comprehensive compilation of reference materials from EFSA which could be considered as one of the leading online regulatory intelligence databases in nutrition.”

About Naturalpha
Naturalpha, specialized in consulting, scientific and clinical research in Nutrition and Health, offers functional food and ingredients manufacturers solutions to build a relevant research strategy. Naturalpha supports its industrial partners in building the proof of "health effect" of their innovative products at every stage of their development by proposing scientific and regulatory intelligence, consulting, health claim dossier audit, preclinical and clinical studies.

Spin-off of the biotechnology company Genfit, Naturalpha is located in Lille with an office in Cambridge (Massachusetts, USA). Naturalpha employs 25 specialists (physicians, engineers, research scientists and dieticians) and is a member of the Nutrition Health Longevity Competitivity Cluster.

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