Natures’s Life® Presents Green Veg Pro-96®

Larkspur, CA, January 1, 2005 – Nature’s Life launches an exciting addition to the popular Pro-96® protein powder line, Green Veg Pro-96®. This non-soy vegetarian protein powder provides 17 grams of high quality protein (33% of daily recommended intake), and all essential amino acids by combining proteins from green peas, rice, oat bran, and almonds.

“We developed this product to offer the consumer a vegetarian protein alternative to soy, ” states Karl Riedel, President of Nature’s Life. Riedel adds, “One serving of Nature’s Life® Green Veg Pro-96® protein powder also supplies 1 gram of valuable beta glucans as soluble fiber from oats.”

Nature’s Life® Green Veg Pro-96® protein powder contains a blend of organic spirulina, organic barley grass, chlorophyllin and kelp and a blend of plant fibers and proteolytic enzymes. No sweeteners or sugars are added.

Green Veg Pro-96™ protein powder is available in natural and heath food stores in 15.9oz (450 gram) cans.

Nature’s Life is a leading brand of quality dietary supplements and food concentrates. For more information, please visit us on the web at

Sandra Stauch, VP Brand
T: 435 655 6792
F: 800-643-7195
[email protected]

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