Nautilus Launches 'SunWater' Aloe Vera Water With ACTIValoe

WINNIPEG, Manitoba, CANADA, Wednesday, April 20, 2005/BeverageMarketing/-- Nautilus Mineral Waters of America, Inc., announced today the official launch of its premium all-natural nutraceutical spring water plus product, SunWater™, a refreshing and invigorating Aloe vera water made from natural spring water and ACTIValoe™, organically sun grown Aloe vera. SunWater provides 33 mg. of ACTIValoe, per 8-ounce serving. SunWater is packaged in a unique, eye-catching, graduated clear green PET bottle, which includes a yellow blue green Aloe vera line graphic design that bears the ACTIValoe certified seal, that is evaluated by Aloecorp, the world’s leading supplier of bio-active Aloe vera raw materials which ensures that the product meets Aloecorp's high standards for a premium Aloe vera enhanced nutraceutical spring water.

“Aloe vera aficionados now have a new and refreshing way to get their Aloe,” says Aloecorp’s Jeff Barrie, “SunWater is made with Aloecorp’s organically grown ACTIValoe, that is the first standardized Aloe vera to guarantee not less than 10% total polysaccharides by weight. SunWater is the world’s first true Aloe vera enhanced bottled water on the market today.” said Barrie.

The company is in the process of presenting SunWater to major retailers throughout North America and negotiations are currently underway with a national wholesale club store chain and a major convenience store chain. Nautilus Mineral Waters of America, Inc., is engaged in the private label bottled water industry. Their product brands are both licensed and developed in-house, for private label store brands or co-brands which are bottled at strategic locations throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.

For more information about the company and its products, call 1-800-713-9288 ext. 290-2356 (1-479-963-6399 outside U.S.

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