NBJ report: U.S. functional sales slow, but category outpaces overall food sector in '09

The recession lashed away at sales growth for the U.S. functional food and beverage market in 2009, but the category fared better than the overall U.S. food market. Future growth could be hindered, however, by growing regulatory scrutiny and rising consumer skepticism over unsubstantiated claims. Here are some highlights:

Functionally Fortified Products Still Dominate the U.S. Market
Functionally fortified products still dominate the functional market

From Mix1 to Bossa Nova, Functional Category Deals are Getting Done
Although activity is down, functional investment and acquisition deals are happening

What's Cooking in the U.S. Functional Food and Beverage Market?
Nutritionally enhanced sweeteners, digestive health offerings and cleaner labels among the top functional food and beverage trends

Will Consumers Force Manufacturers to Stop Skimping on Functional Ingredients?
The pressure is mounting for food and beverage companies to include efficacious ingredient doses in their functional products

European Union's Health Claims Legislation Sets Nutrition Industry on Edge
EU's health claims legislation sets the global functional food and beverage industry on edge, as companies attempt to pass EFSA's rigorous approval bar

Functional Firms Search for the World's Next Big Super Fruit
As companies search for the next acai, ingredient innovation firm Neotropico scours South America for promising new super fruits

Spain: An Innovator in the Global Functional Food Market
It may not be the largest, but Spain's functional food and beverage market is perhaps the world's most dynamic thanks to companies such as Ebro Puleva and Danone

'Ridiculous' Claims Do the Most Damage to Functional Food Brands
Steve Allen, a longtime Nestlé executive, chats with NBJ about the evolution of the global food company and the danger he thinks 'ridiculous' product claims do to brands

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