Nearly one-third of Americans identified as values-based, highly principled consumers, new research shows

Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability values thriving across all demographic groups

HARLEYSVILLE, Pa. (May 14, 2002) A groundbreaking new research report, released today, shows that 63 million adult Americans – or 30 percent of the U.S. adult population – make purchasing decisions based on their personal, social and environmental values. Understanding the LOHAS Market: Identifying the LOHAS Consumer & Business and Branding Opportunities defines the core motivations driving the newly identified LOHAS Consumer segment and uncovers three other consumer segments: the Nomadics, Centrists and Indifferents.

The attitudes, behaviors and usage patterns of this large and growing LOHAS Consumer group (LOHAS stands for Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability), are significantly affected by their concern about human and planetary health. These consumers want to integrate their values with their brand choices and purchasing behaviors. The LOHAS research is the first to quantify the strong connection between attitudes and purchase behavior of this emerging, values-driven consumer group.

The emerging LOHAS Consumer group is characterized by:

  • A proven willingness to pay more for LOHAS products and services, with 80 percent willing to spend up to 20 percent more;
  • Seventy-five percent agreeing completely that their purchase decisions are based on the health and sustainability effect on the world and the environment;
  • A high degree of influence over others -- almost three times as likely as the general population to influence and teach others about the benefits of LOHAS-related products and services;
  • A significantly higher likelihood to associate personal values with companies and their brands (almost 2 ½ times higher than general-population consumers);
  • An additional 30 million adults, or 38 percent of Nomadics are LOHAS-leaning in their beliefs and purchasing habits.

“Understanding how consumer attitudes affect behavior and translate into product and service usage is the key to identifying LOHAS market opportunities and to exploring this large, emerging consumer base,” says Steve French, managing partner of The Natural Marketing Institute (NMI), a consulting and full-service market research firm headquartered in Harleysville, Pa., and a co-producer of the report. “The results of this research project will be of interest to hundreds of businesses across many industries who desire to capitalize on consumer trends that will drive future spending.”

Understanding the LOHAS Market is based on a survey conducted in late 2001 among 2,267 general-population U.S. households. The findings are nationally projectable and statistically significant to plus or minus two percent. The research report includes LOHAS market size and category data as well as attitudinal, behavioral and comprehensive product-usage patterns. More than 100 variables were used to develop the unique consumer-segmentation model. The research comprises a vast array of measures and topics, including 50 LOHAS-related attitudinal statements; 19 LOHAS-related terminology association drivers; awareness, usage, and reasons for non-use across 45 specific products and services (including Durables, Consumables, Lifestyle products and services, and Healthcare); and 26 sources of influence.

Understanding the LOHAS Market: Identifying the LOHAS Consumer & Business and Branding Opportunities is a joint research project of Broomfield, Colo.-based Natural Business Communications, publisher of Natural Business LOHAS Journal, and NMI. The research was sponsored by the Wisdom Media Group, Natural Health magazine, Ethnic Gourmet and the Esalen Institute.

Mr. French and Frank Lampe, editorial director of LOHAS Journal, will present an in-depth analysis of the research project at the upcoming Natural Business Market Trends Conference, June 19-21, 2002, in Broomfield, Colo.

The 180-page Understanding the LOHAS Market report is available for $2,995. Additional customized analysis and statistical cross-tabulations are available to identify specific marketplace opportunities. For more information or to order the report, visit or or call NMI at 215.513.7300, ext. 214, or Natural Business Communications at 303.442.8983.

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