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NEM goes mass(ive) with major retail launch

NEM goes mass(ive) with major retail launch
ESM Technologies announces a nationwide Walgreens rollout of Advanced Joint Care by Jamieson Laboratories, which features NEM eggshell membrane.

ESM Technologies announces a nationwide Walgreens rollout of Advanced Joint Care by Jamieson Laboratories which features NEM® branded eggshell membrane. “We are very proud to be a part of Jamieson’s introduction into the U.S. and to have NEM associated with a company known for its commitment to quality,” said Micah Osborne, president, ESM Technologies.

NEM is quickly gaining market share, becoming more available to people and their pets through multiple sales channels. Jamieson’s Advanced Joint Care is a once-daily capsule supplement available in all Walgreens store locations and online at By choosing NEM, Jamieson’s Advanced Joint Care includes the only branded, patent protected eggshell membrane ingredient that combines a small, once-daily dose with published safety and efficacy studies.

Advanced Joint Care with NEM is part of an important U.S. launch for Jamieson to which Jillian Mariani, director of brand marketing for Jamieson Laboratories, says, “NEM has several unique advantages from a consumer perspective—it is a once daily capsule, it can work in as little as 7 to 10 days, and there is solid science behind it. Additionally, it is sustainably sourced—all in all a very consumer friendly way to support joint health. NEM works well with Jamieson’s values—we aim to provide pure, safe, efficacious, products that are fully traceable from farm to finish, and sustainably.”

Mariani comments, “Joint health is an obvious concern for millions of consumers and the FDM market for natural joint health supplements is significant. Yet glucosamine as a consumer ‘solution’ to joint health seems to have become less and less satisfying for consumers. We feel the time is right for a new, natural way to support joint health—with better compliance and results you can feel sooner.”


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