NeoCell Corporation Files for Patent Protection on Canine and Equine Collagen Joint Health Supplement

Newport Beach, California, April 18, 2006 - NeoCell Corporation announces the filing of patent protection on ArthroPet™ following a long-term, micro-research study that confirmed the effectiveness of the natural supplement made with kolla2®. Designed to relieve certain bone and joint conditions in canines and equines, ArthroPet™ is manufactured under the advanced, patented technology of kolla2® (U.S. Patent #6,838,440), an essential Type II Collagen. The results, determined by a veterinary surgical examiner and x-rays, showed that progression of the canines hip dysplasia had ceased and normal joint formation and mobility had resumed. For more information call NeoCell at 800-346-2922 or visit

Joanne Olshan
[email protected]

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