Neptune Technologies & Bioressources Inc., Re-Enforces the South East Asian market

Laval, Quebec CANADA, August 30, 2005 - Neptune Technologies & Bioresources Inc. (NTB - TSX
Venture) active in the field of high value-added natural product extraction from marine biomasses, such as
krill, is pleased to announce that Neptune Krill Oil™, is re-enforcing its market penetration in South East
Asia with three new distributors.

Dr. Gang He, M.D., M.Sc., MBA, Director, International Sales & Marketing at Neptune Technologies &
Bioressources Inc. recently concluded distributor agreements resulting directly from the very successful
Natural Product Expo Asia in Hong-Kong, Mr. He commented: “Neptune signed three distribution
agreements for the South East Asia market, which includes Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and
the Philippines, which are presently launching pure NKO™ supplements through their respective
channels. These agreements are a tremendous opportunity for NKO™ and its success”.

“The market covered by our new distributors represents 12 times the size of Canada’s population. These
distributors, which are newly signed by Neptune, have successfully penetrated their market for their
knowledge on the importance of marine Omega products, such as NKO™, and the role they play for our
wellness. It is a very promising start” added Dr. Gang He.

About Neptune Technologies & Bioressources:
Neptune Technologies & Bioressources Inc. develops and exploits marine biomasses with its patented
extraction process Neptune OceanExtractTM utilizing marine biomasses, such as krill, and due to its
technologies, Neptune Technologies & Bioressources Inc., is strategically well positioned in the $182
billion global nutrition market (Nutrition Business Journal, Oct/Nov 2004) based on the health and
wellness concepts, markets in which natural biomass extraction is now playing an important role in
developing nutrigenomics, the next wave in nutritional research.

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