New Alternative For Weight Loss Without The Pep Pill

CEDAR KNOLLS, NEW JERSEY – September 18, 2003 – New Jersey-based Goen Technologies, Inc. has developed an alternative for weight loss using a new ingredient, at a time when the weight loss industry has been feverishly searching for an effective replacement for ephedra. This new formula contains a novel appetite suppressant which may make ephedra obsolete and revolutionize the way Americans lose weight.

This new formula has been shown to decrease weight without accelerating the metabolism. The product incorporates an all-natural, exotic foreign plant source known for its appetite suppression properties.

Several prominent individuals have been enticed to try this new approach. One example is heavyweight boxer Shannon Briggs, who lost over 40 pounds taking this new product and is currently challenging Mike Tyson to a match. Another celebrity, Anna Nicole Smith, recently lost 40 pounds with this new product.

Initial pilot studies on the new formula have shown it to powerfully curb the appetite and support weight loss. Extensive scientific studies are currently underway to further document the effects of this plant on human metabolism and satiety.

For additional information about this possible weight loss breakthrough, call (973) 267-4400 and ask to speak to Dr. Fleischner (extension 4014), Saul Sender (extension 4052), or Jennifer Hutcheson (extension 4059).

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