New Book Reveals User-Friendly Cholesterol Reducing Therapy that Could Save Your Life


February 2002 – Slated for release in Heart Month, February 2002, 50 Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol (McGraw- Hill) by sisters Mary McGowan, M.D. and Jo McGowan-Chopra is a practical book that should be an indispensable guide to the more than 53 million Americans labeled as having high cholesterol by the new National Cholesterol Education Program’s 2001 guidelines. The McGowans’ book targets a huge market of Americans who are aware of the connection between high cholesterol and heart disease (the nation’s number one killer). They crave practical information on how to lower their levels. Inundated by the mass of confusing information available about cholesterol, many Americans have had a very difficult time pinpointing “acceptable” levels or simple ways to manage their own cholesterol.

50 Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol gives people the tools and information they need to understand cholesterol and make simple decisions that can improve their health. The McGowans approach the issue in a unique way that is both highly credible and down to earth. The book, co-written by the sisters, is based on the medical expertise of Dr. McGowan and tempered by Jo McGowan-Chopra’s lay perspective. The result is a straightforward catalogue of answers to the most important questions about cholesterol and no-nonsense advice on how to stay heart healthy.

As diet is such an important factor in cholesterol management, the McGowans devoted a large part of the book to the relationship between healthy eating and a healthy heart. A number of the chapters in this section tackle the heath issues raised by some popular fad diets. The McGowans discuss moderate dietary changes that can lower cholesterol and include recipes that work with their advice. This section also touches upon the controversial relationship between alcohol consumption and cholesterol levels.

50 Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol also includes an extensive section on another hot topic in contemporary health information- alternative treatments. This unique section provides answers to a topic that many people ask their doctors about yet rarely get a complete answer to. The McGowans discuss topics ranging from supplements to alternative treatments for cholesterol reduction and offer unbiased, practical answers. This section applauds alternative remedies that have been proven effective, such as Basikol™ by Health From the Sun/ Arkopharma, and exposes those that do not.

The final portion of the book deals with traditional prescription medicines for cholesterol management and helps explain the benefits and drawbacks of each in simplistic terms. It takes the mystery and confusing jargon out of drug information and replaces it with straightforward fact. These chapters will prove vital for anyone interested in learning more about their own prescription or one that they may be taking in future.

50 Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol will be published by McGraw-Hill in February 2002. The book will be available in all major retail book outlets.

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