New Compliance and Enforcement Policy - Therapeutic Products Directorate and HPFB Inspectorate

The new Compliance and Enforcement Policy is a combination of 2 former policy documents created under the Health Protection Branch (Health Protection Branch's Compliance and Enforcement Policy Guideline) and the Therapeutic Products Programme (Compliance and Enforcement Strategy of the TPP). The HPFBI is introducing a single policy document that will provide the staff of the HPFBI with guiding principles for the fair, consistent, and uniform application of compliance and enforcement activities.

The Compliance and Enforcement Policy identifies the HPFBI's role in delivering a national compliance and enforcement program for all products under the HPFB mandate, with the exception of products regulated as foods. The policy also describes the roles of regulated parties, consumers and healthcare professionals in relation to products regulated by the HPFB.

The changes made were mainly administrative in nature, e.g., updating the names of the organizational units, and ensuring the information and policy statements accurately reflect the HPFBI practices. The substance of the information that was found in the two existing policies, however, was retained.

The document can be found at:

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