A New Face for Eco Lips: Brighter, Bolder Packaging with Better Merchandising Opportunities

Cedar Rapids, Iowa (April 28, 2004) Eco Lips, Inc., America’s favorite and most affordable organic lip balm, announces new and improved packaging with brighter, bolder consumer appeal plus better merchandising tools for retailers. Jim King, VP of Marketing, notes, “Both consumers and store buyers will find that the recent changes we have implemented in our tubes and our cartons have a stronger brand presentation both in look as well as in supplying more product information.” The company also announced a new clip strip program, full 24 unit Wire Rack Displays and new header cards for the “reach-in” displays. Adds Jim, “The versatility of our merchandising tools (a.k.a. our “Eco System”) is one of the company’s strongest assets giving retailers many different opportunities for catching consumer attention.” Eco Lips is available for sale in tube, carton, Eco Clip and Eco Leash. The suggested retail price ranges from $1.79 to $2.49.

Eco Lips, known for its slogan “Don’t Panic, It’s Organic”, offers 3 flavors: SPF 15 Berry, SPF 15 Mint and SPF 30 Natural (unflavored). Made with nutrient rich organic ingredients, the formula includes certified organic beeswax, large amounts of certified organic jojoba oil and other quality natural and organic ingredients that help protect and moisturize the lips. According to Steve Shriver, President and former lip balm private labeler, “Our market research shows that lip balm is a very personal and important purchase to the average user – once a consumer ‘falls in love’ with a formula, he/she will go to great lengths to repurchase that same brand. Our combination of organic ingredients, friendly price and excellent product results have been a sure winner for us!” Eco Lips is 70% organic and promises the purest ingredients without using petroleum, GMO ingredients, animal products or harsh chemicals that could be absorbed into the body.

Eco Lips products can be found at health food stores, grocery stores and other retail outlets. Recently, the company has sponsored and is involved in many promotional events including the Boston Marathon, Fit and Healthy Escapes, Teen Vogue Generation Next, Colorado Fourteeners Initiative, Mountain Extreme Triathlon, South Coast Earth Day 2004 as well as its own Team Eco Lips, a high powered group of athletes competing in various sports.


For more information on Eco Lips and their promotional events, please see www.ecolips.com.

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