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New ingredients January 2006

New concentrate of FenuLife fibre
Acatris Inc, of Minnesota, has launched FenuLife Concentrate, a new grade of FenuLife. FenuLife Concentrate is a fibre ingredient clinically proven to slow carbohydrate absorption. Its GI-lowering properties help prevent sharp spikes in blood sugar and insulin normally found with carbohydrate intake. FenuLife Concentrate also may be beneficial for food product developers looking for stabilizers. The fenugreek galactomannans in FenuLife Concentrate have been shown to have the highest water solubility, and functionality studies show this fibre to have superior emulsification properties, the company says.
+ 1 952 920 7700

Ice cream solution sets
Tate & Lyle has launched Ice Cream Rebalance 500, an ingredient Solution Set for the US market. Ice Cream Rebalance 500 provides low-fat, no-sugar-added ice cream with sweetness, texture and the mouthfeel of butterfat. This launch parallels a similar launch by the company of two solution sets in Europe called Ice Cream Rebalance 001 and 002. Ice Cream Rebalance 001 is a sweetening system that includes Splenda Sucralose. It enables a 35 per cent carbohydrate reduction, 73 percent sugar reduction and 33 per cent fat reduction. Ice Cream Rebalance 002 also includes Splenda, but is designed for reduced-sugar ice cream and allows higher fat reduction. It can reduce sugars by 50 per cent, fat by 56 per cent and overall energy by 30 per cent.
+1 217 421 3592



Calcium citrate for foods
Archer Daniels Midland Co?s Cal-Mor calcium citrate is highly bioavailable and designed to be a directly compressible calcium source. The ingredient can be used in many applications, including baked goods, snacks, desserts, beverages, supplements, yoghurt, infant formulas, and spreads and jams.
+1 217 451 4450





Beta glucan from barley and oats
Cevena Bioproducts? Viscofiber ingredient is a grain-based, high-viscosity beta glucan derived from the cellular walls of oats and barley.Viscofiber is a high beta-glucan concentrate available in two forms, which are derived from either oat or barley at concentrations of 50 and 60 per cent, respectively. The high concentration is achieved via Cevena?s patented manufacturing process that leaves the structure of beta glucan relatively unchanged. Viscofiber is viscous and when ingested, works to improve cholesterol levels and exert a beneficial post-prandial glycaemic response. Competitive analysis has shown that Viscofiber is 20-30 times more viscous than other beta-glucan concentrates and contains up to 12 times more beta glucan than oat bran, the company says.
+ 1 780 436 6002
[email protected]





Sterol formulas
Cognis Nutrition & Health has expanded its line of Vegapure phytosterols, adding four new formulations. They are: Vegapure 95E, a non-GM, identity preserved (IP) sterol ester oil for soft gels and functional foods; Vegapure 67 WDP E, a non-GM, IP sterol ester water-dispersible powder for two-piece hard shells and foods; Vegapure FS, a free sterol ground powder for tablets and foods; and Vegapure FT E, a non-GM IP free sterol ground powder for tablets and foods. All seven offerings in the range are kosher and GRAS for foods, including vegetable oil spreads, salad dressings, bars, white bread products, cereals and dairy products.
+49 2173 4995 116 (Europe)
+1 800 673 3702 (US)





GRAS-certified borage oil
Bioriginal Food & Science Corp in Saskatchewan, Canada, has launched the world?s first GRAS-certified borage oil. Sold as BioAsteri, the oil has undergone more than a decade of research, earning self-affirmed GRAS status and attaining regulatory recognition as a food ingredient. Borage oil is the richest natural source of gamma linolenic acid, an essential fatty acid with anti-inflammatory benefits and long associated with maintaining healthy skin, joint and cardiovascular function. BioAsteri is available as a bulk oil.
+1 306 975 1166
[email protected]





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