New ingredients

BerryforceStandardised elderberry extract
BerryForce Athletic Performance Blend, is a proprietary blend from Linnea and Artemis International of standardised elderberry extract and other ingredients that has scientific support for use as a pre-workout supplement, resulting in performance improvement during and post-exercise, the companies report. Following a successful pilot launch, BerryForce will be the first new ingredient co-marketed under the Linnea-Artemis partnership. Three studies using the standardised elderberry extract consumed prior to exercise resulted in a marked delay and then a decrease in the production of lactic acid.

Synergized sprout powdersSynergized sprout powders
Synergy Production Laboratories (SPL) of Utah has developed a line of certified organic, freeze-dried, enzymatically active synergized sprout powders. SPL produces more than 20 varieties of sprout powders (including broccoli, onion, wheat, alfalfa, millet, quinoa and many others). Synergized sprout powders are grown using certified-organic heirloom seeds, and all inputs to the proprietary sprouting process are completely controlled. The living sprouts are fresh freeze-dried, at very low temperatures, in a vacuum, which is the only technology proven to fully protect and preserve all of the enzymes, amino acids and other highly sensitive phytonutrients, the company says. The powders can be used for powdered drink mixes, smoothie mixes, tablets, capsules and food bars.
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Dairy peptide ingredient
DSM has launched TensGuard, an ingredient based on dairy peptides, which are proven to help control blood pressure. The peptide responsible for the effect is Lactotripeptide Isoleucine-Proline-Proline. While lactotripeptides are present in dairy products, they are inactive in the original milk protein. To become effective, they need to be released through enzymatic predigestion. TensGuard contains activated lactotripeptides, delivering their benefits in a highly concentrated form. TensGuard has a clean taste, provides clear solutions in water, necessitates only low dosages and is stable under almost all processing conditions. DSM has also developed a tablet grade.

biocatalystsEnzymes for juices
UK-based Biocatalysts has unveiled three enzymes it says will improve juice volume and vitamin yield of blackcurrants for use in beverages. Called TP777L, TP778L and TP776L, the enzymes can boost anthocyanin and vitamin C content, reducing food waste, the UK company states. Beyond use in juices, the enzymes might also have applications in baking and confectionery production.
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Vegetable-sourced glucosamine
A new source of glucosamine, manufactured using environmentally friendly technology, has been announced by Ethical Naturals, a raw-materials supplier based in San Anselmo, California. GreenGrown Glucosamine is 100 per cent vegetable sourced containing no aquaculture by-products, and is produced using a unique, proprietary process of corn fermentation, with further refinement to meet high levels of purity. It's available in both HCL and sulfate, and is kosher certified. Every batch is screened and guaranteed pesticide free, the company says.

WheatSelect Whiter whole wheat
Cargill's subsidiary, Horizon Milling, has developed new prototypes featuring its white spring whole-wheat flour called WheatSelect. The ingredient is 100 per cent whole wheat, but gives products more of the lighter colour, softer texture and milder flavour of white flour. It is made from select wheat varieties that optimize key baking characteristics such as volume, mixing and processing tolerance. The advanced flour-milling processes result in a fine-grind product that preserves all of the whole-grain nutrients while optimizing granulation size for baking performance, Horizon explains.

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