New ingredients

Ingredient system for dairy products
A new ingredient system for retail dairy goods by Tate & Lyle is specially formulated for yoghurts, drinkable yoghurts, yoghurt tubes, smoothies and flavoured milks. The solutions are the first to be launched under Tate & Lyle's new ENRICH service. The service is focused on three main areas. The digestive-health and immunity platform includes a range of ingredient systems for fat-free or reduced-sugar products that are high in fibre and probiotics, and have high levels of vitamins and minerals associated with digestive health and immunity. The obesity and weight-management platform is designed for products that increase satiety, are vitamin rich and low fat. The children's-health platform can include products with omega-3s, choline, calcium, fibre and protein.
+1 866 653 6622 (US)
+32 53 73 3651 (EU)

Beta-carotene beadlet
DSM Nutritional Products has created a high-potency natural beta-carotene beadlet. Named CaroCare, Nat. b-Carotene 20% V, the product answers the growing demand for animal- and allergen-free ingredients, and is aimed at the direct compression and dietary-supplements market. The company's animal- and allergen-free portfolio now comprises beta-carotene, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin D3, ALL-Q (coenzyme Q10), lutein, and Optisharp (zeaxanthin). The CaroCare beta-carotene range is produced by an innovative fermentation process, in which naturally occurring micro-organisms act on purely vegetable material.
+41 (0) 61 688 85 14
[email protected]

New custom formulations
VDF FutureCeuticals has unveiled a new line of dry-blend custom-beverage formulations and proprietary beverage ingredients. Among the range of formulations are: functional smoothies and shakes, green drinks, 100 per cent-soluble antioxidant blends, weight-management and meal-replacement beverages, herbal and conventional tea and coffee applications, and energy and tropical beverages. The ready-to-mix smoothie formulations are designed for specific health applications: weight management, meal replacement, healthy metabolism, cardiovascular health, and energy and vitality. The antioxidant blends are 100 per cent soluble and designed to provide the approximate antioxidant equivalent of an average serving of fruits and vegetables. They are made from real fruits and vegetables, low in calories and sugar; are available as organic, kosher and shelf stable; require no refrigeration; and are standardized to specific nutrient levels.
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New açai product line
A&B Ingredients has added the açai fruit to its product line. A small, round fruit found in the Amazon rain forest, the purple berry is widely used in fruit and energy drinks, juice blends, smoothies, sodas and other beverages, as well as in ice cream and energy bars with granola. The New Jersey-based company cites the rich antioxidant, amino-acid and essential-omega content for its rising popularity as a 'super fruit.' Açai has 10-30 times the anthocyanins of red wine grapes, and a balanced amount of mono-unsaturated fats, dietary fibre and phytosterols. Founded in 1990, A&B Ingredients is a supplier of rice-based products, pure fruit extracts, organic banana bits, antioxidants and antimicrobials for the food industry.
+1 973 227 1390

DuraFresh reformulated
Kerry Bio-Science has reformulated its DuraFresh fresh-keeping ingredient to improve freshness in cultured dairy products by inhibiting the growth of gram-negative spoilage bacteria, yeast and mold. DuraFresh now offers the highest level of bacteria-fighting active ingredients available, and allows dairy manufacturers to extend product shelf life, Kerry Bio-Science explains. It is suitable for use in cottage cheese, sour cream, buttermilk, yoghurt and refrigerated dairy desserts. Combinations of lactic-acid bacteria cultures produce fermentates with specific compositions of organic acids, peptides and other natural compounds.
+1 847 645 7340 (US)
+31 36 523 3100 (Europe)

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