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New Ingredients And Products

Beta-carotene Takes A Beading
Caro-Pure by DSM's Nutritional Ingredients business unit in Cheshire, UK, may be the first nongelatine, vegetarian-approved, tablet-grade beta-carotene beadlets. They are sourced naturally from the microorganism Blakeslea trispora and contain 7.5 percent beta-carotene.

These beadlets match the processing profile and performance of their gelatine-based counterparts, with flow properties for easy handling, particle size distribution and high strength during tabletting, with resistance to pressures up to 10 tonnes/cm2. This is aimed at minimising tablet damage and beta-carotene leakage.

The beadlets are designed for use in the production of single beta-carotene, multivitamin, antioxidant and mixed carotenoid tablets or two-piece hard-shell capsules. They also can be labelled non-GMO, kosher and preservative-free.

Beta-carotene is valued for its antioxidant properties, colour and vitamin A activity in the dairy, bakery, confectionery and beverage market sectors.

More info:
DSM Food Specialties
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 15 279 3474

Expanding Soy's Potential
Frozen Cultured Soy is the first non-dairy frozen dessert made with live active cultures, according to WholeSoy of San Francisco, California. The company uses its organic Creamy Cultured Soy as the base, which has living cultures, and makes it available in four flavours, including black cherry, French vanilla, crème caramel and chocolate hazelnut. The unique Swiss process is similar to that found in dairies, which helps create a smooth texture. The product is completely organic, low-fat, vegan, casein- and gluten-free, and kosher.

More info:
The WholeSoy Company
Tel: +1 415 495 2870

More Fibre, Less Fat
Klein-Becker of Provo, Utah, is focused on helping children lose weight with a two-tiered approach that begins with PediaLean, which the company touts as the first supplement designed exclusively for children.

The active ingredient in PediaLean is ediatropin, an all-natural, micronised fibre concentrate derived from the P. rivieri plant tuber. The fibre seems to help children eat less, and researchers are currently conducting a clinical trial to test the product's safety and efficacy.

More info:
Tel: +1 800 617 6080

SOD Becomes Bioavailable
GliSODin, a new melon-derived ingredient manufactured by French company Isocell, has a patented process making it the first orally bioavailable superoxide dismutase (SOD), according to a company spokesperson. This process helps protect the antioxidant properties of SOD from degradation in the gastrointestinal tract, providing increased levels of circulating SOD.

SOD is often referred to as a master defense enzyme and super antioxidant.

More info:
P.L. Thomas Inc.
Tel: +1 973 984 0900, ext. 214
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