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New Ingredients & Products

Memory booster targeting women
A nutritional supplement called Daily Balance Memory Answer is designed to nourish the brain and enhance women?s ability to recall events. Designed by noted medical researcher Dr Susan Lark and Phillips Health, it contains eight nutrients known to play a role in memory: Chinese skullcap and acacia; DMAE; tyrosine; alpha-lipoic acid; ginkgo biloba; folic acid; and vitamins B6 and B12.

+1 301 340 2100

White teas pack in antioxidants
Containing no carbs, calories, sugars, sweeteners or preservatives, Revolution Tea?s new White-T?s include premium white tea and fresh fruit. Offered in four flavours, key lime, tangerine, raspberry and blackberry, the 10oz teas promise three times more antioxidants than are found in standard green tea.

+ 1 888 321 4738
[email protected]

Rhodiola rosea roots extracted in water
Triarco Industries has introduced two rhodiola rosea extracts made from roots of plants grown in Russia, the only place where true rhodiola rosea is known to grow, the New Jersey company reports. Rhodavin Gold contains three per cent Rosavins and Rhodavin V contains five per cent, both extracted with water.

+1 800 879 3745

Super nutrition in a powder
A blend of nutritious cereal grasses, vegetables, fruit powders and probiotics promises to detox the body, improve bowel regularity and combat acidity by balancing pH levels. Among the 25 ingredients in GREENSuperFood by Amazing Grass are wheat grass, barley grass, oat grass and alfalfa powders; spirulina; cracked cell chlorella; broccoli powder; green tea; and bee pollen. A one tablespoon (8g) serving contains the equivalent of two large servings of vegetables, the California company reports.

+1 415 515 9332

CarDiabeat for diabetics? hearts
Israel-based Enzymotec has developed a carDiabeat product line designed to fight the major risks of cardiovascular disorders in diabetics: prevention of oxidative stress, reduction of total cholesterol and triglycerides, and inhibition of atherosclerotic plaque. Derived from natural lipids, including DHA and EPA, a unique delivery system enhances their bioavailability, the company reports. CarDiabeat can be used in capsules, tablets, liquids, nutrition bars and an array of foods. The company has also unveiled a new ingredients line for baby foods with the launch of InFat, a structured lipid designed to improve calcium absorption and energy intake of newborns.

+972 4 6545112
[email protected]

Calcium powder to enhance food
NutraCal+Mg, a new calcium food supplement, promises high solubility and bioavailability, a neutral taste, and stability in liquid products.
Made by Nutragal in Israel, the ingredient is based on calcium lactate and calcium gluconate salts. A white, free-flowing powder, it is suitable for a wide range of products, including baby foods, sports drinks, dairy products and animal foods.

+972 4 6375022

Botanical extracts to target immune, heart function
Fenchem Enterprises in Nanjing, China, a maker of standardized botanical extracts, has added several offerings to its ingredients line. To target immune function: B-D-Glucan. For cardiovascular health: red clover isoflavones and bamboo extract. The company has also unveiled a co-Q10 ingredient under its levelon brand.

+800 828 9738
[email protected]

Highly stable calcium complex for foods, drinks
Albion Advanced Nutrition is manufacturing a new calcium potassium phosphate-citrate complex, which forms a colloidal dispersion when added to solutions with a pH of 3.5-8. No additional stabilisers are needed, and the calcium form has great demonstrated stability in the face of UHT processes, the company reports. It is suitable for dairy products, soy-based products, beverages, infant foods, powdered dairy products and other foods of neutral pH.

+1 586 774 9055

Unique vitamin E
Los Angeles-based Jarrow Formulas has created a new dietary supplement called Gamma E 300 that contains gamma tocopherol, one of the eight members of the vitamin E family found concentrated in plant seeds and vegetable oils. Typical vitamin E supplements only offer d-alpha tocopherol, which has been shown to deplete serum gamma tocopherol and alpha tocotrienol, the company says. Gamma tocopherol is especially protective against reactive nitrogen species, which damage lipids, proteins and DNA.

+1 800 726 0886

Organic dried honey powder
Huny Hunks Ltd in British Columbia has unveiled a free-flowing, powdered version of honey that promises to deliver the taste of the pure Canadian honey from which it is made. Huny Hunks partnered with Sepallo Food Ingredients to develop the means to produce the dried honey powder on a commercial scale. Sepallo is the only manufacturer in Canada to produce dried honey and the only processor in North America to offer an organic honey powder. Commercial applications include baked goods, processed meats, beer, snacks, yoghurts and other dairy products.
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