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New Ingredients & Products

A new way to K2
Natural Inc has launched Natto K2, a new ingredient high in vitamin K2 that is a pure natto extract. Natto is a traditional Japanese product consisting of fermented soy beans and is high in vitamin K2 content. The ingredient comes with research supporting its benefits for promoting healthy bone density and staving off osteoporosis, in addition to warding off a number of other age-related diseases. Generations of Japanese have believed in the curative effects of natto. Natural ASA, Natural Inc?s parent company based in Oslo, Norway, has the exclusive right to market this extract in North America, and will use the company?s own trademark Natto K2.

More info: Natural Inc
Tel: +1 847 362 2226

PS that doesn?t degrade
In typical soft-gel encapsulation, even the highest-quality phosphatidylserine (PS) is subject to an increase in moisture content due to moisture migration from the wet capsule shell into its fill. This activity adversely affects PS stability, since PS is prone to the hydrolysis degradation reaction caused by moisture inherent in the soft-gel manufacturing process. The new Leci-PS 20V, a pasty semi-solid patented product launched by Degussa Food Ingredients, was formulated to overcome this issue. In addition, some soft-gel capsules contain glycerol, a plasticising agent in gelatin used for the soft gel robe. PS manufacture uses the enzyme phospholipase D (PLD), which leads to PS losses. As an interfacial enzyme, PLD is activated along the soft-gel robe/fill interface, where PLD converts PS into PG, thereby compromising the ability to keep PS stable in the soft-gel product. Leci-PS 20V is created to be free of PLD activity. Together, these two innovations mark an evolution for PS in soft-gel form.

More info: Degussa Food Ingredients
Tel: +1 217 352 5800

Unigen goes ephedra-free
Going after the non-ephedra weight-control market, Unigen Pharmaceuticals has launched DiAfin. Created from a proprietary blend of standardised Free-B-Ring flavonoids and flavans from two unique plant extracts, DiAfin has been formulated to aid with weight loss in all types of diets. According to the company, the product is backed by clinical studies and can help people lose excess weight and help manage further weight gain through improved fructose utilisation and stabilised blood sugar levels. DiAfin is freely soluble in polar organic solvents, is yellow to brown in colour and has been tested in both animals and human clinical trials.

More info: Unigen Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Tel: +1 303 438 8666

A ?whey? improved glass of milk
The Whey Improved Co has introduced Whey Improved Milk, a high-protein milk substitute that uses a blend of whey protein and milk isolates to deliver a high-protein substitute for milk without all of the sugars, calories and fats from regular milk. Each 64g container yields a quart of milk when water is added. The product supplies 12g protein per serving, half the calories of regular milk, is fat- and sugar-free, has two carbs per serving, one-third the sodium of regular milk, 66 per cent more calcium than regular milk, and is lactose-free. This milk substitute provides all of the essential amino acids in the correct proportions to support growth, muscle regeneration and rapid recovery after exercise, the company says.

More info: Whey Improved Co
Tel: +1 800 655 9092

It?s baked right in
BeFlora, BeFlora Plus, BakeFlora and BakeFlora HP are new products from Roxlor that add sweet fibre and prebiotic punch. All are white to off-white powders that add no flavour or aftertaste, and add a bland mouthfeel. BeFlora is a blend of prebiotic oligofructose and a proprietary mung-bean extract, as is BeFlora Plus, only with increased sweetness. The BakeFlora products are a blend of inulin and sprouted mung-bean extract with the HP version containing ?high-performance? inulin. All are soluble at room temperature, stable above pH 3.5, can be frozen and have two-year shelf lives. BeFlora Plus has a sweetness characteristic equal to ten times sugar, while the rest have an equivalent sweetness to sugar.

More info: Roxlor International
Tel: +1 302 778 4166
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