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Put the spring back in your step
A new line of dietary supplements formulated with SierraSil, a distinct, naturally occurring mineral compound made up of more than 65 minerals found high in the Sierra Mountains, has been introduced by a British Columbia company. The product has a noticeable effect on joint health and mobility within days, says its maker, Sierra Mountain Minerals. The product line includes SierraSil Joint Formula, SierraSil Joint Formula Powder and SierraSil Joint Plus with Vincaria (a cat?s claw extract).

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Structured lipid low on calories
A low trans-fat substitute for partially hydrogenated fats has been launched by Stepan Food & Health Specialties. Called NEOBEE MLT-B, the structured lipid is designed to function as an equivalent to partially hydrogenated vegetable oil. It has similar solid fat content and organoleptic properties as PHVO, while delivering fewer calories and incorporating the health benefits of medium-chain triglycerides, the Illinois company says. A kosher product, NEOBEE MLT-B can be custom modified to meet specific requirements for baking products as diverse as salad oil, margarine and coatings.

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Cranberries sweeten up snack bar
Sweetened dried cranberries supplied by Ocean Spray in the UK have been incorporated into a new snack bar by Denmark?s Kelsen Bisca. The low-fat cereal grain Bisca bar contains hips, honey and 5 per cent cranberries. The sweetened, dried cranberry is a sugar-infused dried fruit with vivid red colour and a sweet/tart flavour. It contains no added colours, flavours or preservatives. Kelsen Bisca is one of Denmark?s leading biscuit manufacturers; its primary export markets include Hong Kong, Russia and the US where products are sold under the ?Royal Dansk? and ?Kjeldsen? brands.

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Freeze-dried oil powders
Cultech Ltd., a contract manufacturer of nutritional supplements based in the UK, has added two new water-dispersible freeze-dried oil powders into its product line: Cranberry Seed Oil Powder and Low-Odour Fish Oil Powder. Both are water-dispersible and are manufactured at low temperatures under vacuum, ensuring no heat or oxidative damage, the company says. The powders are suitable for hard-shell capsules, tablets, powdered drink formulations, and functional foods and drinks.

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Nutty flavour without adding nuts
JO Sims has brought the Canadian-produced Saskatoon berry to the UK market. With an almond-cherry taste profile, and a member of the apple family, the fruit enables food formulators to achieve a nutty flavour without using actual nuts. A recent three-year study by Agriculture and Agri Food Canada found the antioxidative activity of Saskatoons to be comparable to grape seed extract.

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Less toil with functional oil
A functional oil formulation recently launched by Israeli firm Enzymotec reduces the risk of coronary heart disease, according to a study reported by the company. MultOil was shown to reduce total cholesterol and triglyceride levels, reduce blood serum oxidation levels by 60 per cent and prevent the formation of foam cells that plug the arteries. It contains 25 per cent phytosterols and 15 per cent diglycerides. The source of oils or fats can be either vegetable or dairy, depending on the food application.

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Soy lightens up
Minnesota-based 8th Continent soy milk, a new company launched last summer, has introduced a light version of its soy product line featuring 50 per cent fewer carbs and 25 per cent fewer calories than skim milk. Sold in chocolate and vanilla flavours, 8th Continent Light soy milks contain as much calcium as cow?s milk, 7g of soy protein, as well as vitamins A, B12, D and riboflavin.

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Pepsi cuts sugar
Banking on the notion that less is more, Pepsi-Cola North America is launching its first full-flavoured cola with 50 per cent less sugar, carbohydrates and calories than regular colas. Pepsi Edge will be flavored with Splenda and high fructose corn syrup. The soda is expected to roll out toward the end of summer. New York-based Pepsi-Cola North America is the $4 billion refreshment beverage unit of PepsiCo Inc in the United States and Canada.

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Keto ingredients in bulk
Keto Foods, one of the US?s leading low-carb food manufacturers, is launching the Keto Ingredients business in response to increasing requests from major food brands to purchase Keto ingredients in bulk. Based in New Jersey, Keto manufactures and markets more than 140 low-carb food products. Its first bulk ingredient offerings will be low-carb pizza dough mix, fry and bake crumbs in four flavours, and low-carb mashed potatoes in five flavours.

Tel: + 1 800 542 3230

A little less with the latte
Caffeine-loving carbohydrate-counters no longer have to ditch the coffee with Caribou Coffee Company?s new Skinny?Bou latte line. The coffee drinks come in vanilla or caramel and are sweetened with Splenda. Skinny?Bou Latte (made with skim milk) has 80 calories, which is 140 fewer calories than standard caramel lattes. Skinny?Bou Low Carb Latte has 7g of carbohydrates, down from the standard 33g found in regular vanilla or caramel lattes. Based in Minnesota, Caribou has more than 250 retail stores across the US.

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Opting out of carbs
Unilever Bestfoods has introduced 18 new products under its new Carb Options line in the categories of sauces; marinades; salad dressings; and bars and shakes. It also includes a lemon-flavoured iced tea mix and a creamy peanut spread. Each product contains 6g or less of net carbs per serving and is based on brands that consumers already know, such as Ragu, Wish-Bone, Skippy, Lipton and Lawry?s. The line was developed by celebrity chef Douglas Rodriguez, an author of four cookbooks and the inventor of Nuevo Latino cuisine.

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Getting savvy with soy snacks
Minnesota snack maker Zumbro River Brand is unveiling Getmor Soy Snacks in three flavours: Herb Garlic, Jalape?o Cheese and Tamari. With only 3g of net carbs per 1oz serving, the snacks are high in soy protein (13g) and fibre (4g). They are also gluten-free, and contain no cholesterol or trans fatty acids.

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Beer gets edge over competition
Touting only 2.6g of net carbs and 94 calories per bottle, Coors Brewing Co has created a low-carb beer called Aspen Edge. While available in only 11 states in the US, it is slated for nationwide distribution by August in both 6- and 12-pack bottles. Coors Brewing Co is headquartered in Colorado, and its products are sold in 30 countries. In 2002 the company formed Coors Brewers Limited, now the second-largest beer-brewer in the UK, under which it produces the best-selling UK lager brand Carling.

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