New Natural Super Antixidant Bioactive Cream Available From Omega

With a blend of over 30 antioxidants plus essential and botanicals oils, Omâge™ performs as a primary or base cream by enhancing the effects of moisturizers/cosmetics for the body and face. Sport Omâge™ cream nourishes the skin, promoting its good health against pollution, sun exposure, and other damaging environmental factors.

For the convenience of our consumers, Sport Omâge™ is available in portable squeeze tubes.

Omega Biotech Corporation is a twelve year-old privately owned Canadian company based in Victoria BC, originally established to manufacture the natural health supplement known as PROTOVIN™—a premium grape seed extract antioxidant powder.

Omega Biotech Corporation products include: OMEGAVIN PLUS™, a full spectrum natural antioxidant blend; PROTOVIN BQ ASTRINGENCY REDUCED™, an antioxidant powder that can be used for a wide variety of applications since it does not influence taste, colour, or clarity when used in recommended amounts; and OMÂGE™ and SPORT OMÂGE™, a nourishing face and body cream created from a network of bioactive super antioxidants.

Mr. Rick Weatherhead, Director of Business Development
email: [email protected]
telephone: 250.881.8126
fax: 250.881.8136

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