New Peer-Reviewed Journal Takes First Bold Steps to Validate Role of Integrative Medicine in Cancer

WESTON, Mass., Oct. 15-- Prime National Publishing Company announces the launch of an important new cancer journal to meet the pressing need for scientific research in the rapidly growing field of integrative medicine.

Led by Kristine A. Nelson, MD, and supported by an impressive cadre of established and highly regarded specialists including Edzard Ernst and David Heber, the Journal of Cancer Integrative Medicine is uniquely positioned to meet the overwhelming demand from patients and physicians alike for solid information on nontraditional cancer therapies. More than 70 percent of cancer patients explore some form of alternative therapy.

"It's time to bring hard science to a field that is frequently dismissed or regarded with suspicion by traditional practitioners of Western medicine," says Dr. Nelson. "We are burying our heads in the sand if we do not acknowledge our patients' interest in and use of integrative techniques. Our patients have come to these modalities, and it is time for us to build a solid scientific foundation to provide them with accurate information they can trust to make informed decisions about their care."

The Journal of Cancer Integrative Medicine advances a multidisciplinary approach to cancer care, bringing together clinicians and scientists from many arenas to establish a reliable body of research. Available in October 2003, the premier issue includes such topics as:

-- Complementary medicine and the scientific method
-- An overview of nonwestern medical systems
-- Lycopene efficacy as a preventive cancer therapy
-- Nutritional status and medulloblastoma in children
-- Acupuncture to reduce anxiety and pain during brachytherapy
-- Defining clinically relevant effects in quality-of-life measures
-- Patient and physician ability to distinguish authoritative from
misleading CAM Web sites

Each issue will also have the latest news from the field along with conference information and literature reviews.

"Our goal is to be the primary forum for high quality peer-reviewed research in cancer integrative medicine," says managing editor Donna Vaillancourt. "We want physicians and other professionals in the field to come to us with their questions about integrative therapies and to be able to trust what they find here. It's our job create a solid scientific foundation in an undeniably popular and growing field. Integrative medicine is here to stay."

Journal web site :

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