New Published Study on Relora® Reveals Safe and Effective Help for the Stress-Weight Connection

San Francisco, CA – January 26, 2006 – A new published study in the peer-reviewed publication, Alternative Therapies Magazine Jan/Feb 2006 reveals Relora as a safe and effective dietary supplement ingredient that can be used to help manage the connection between stress and weight gain. A recent review of several national surveys, show that the obesity epidemic in our country shows no sign of abating and there is an urgent need to counter the environmental forces that are contributing to gradual weight gain in the population. Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco have also shown a link between chronic stress and obesity. According to the published study in Alternative Therapies, it is this relationship between weight gain and stress that the researchers were concerned.

“There are many approaches to managing the epidemic of overweight and obese individuals in the U.S. Unfortunately, most strategies have not been successful,” said Bob Garrison, RPh and CEO of Next Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Carlsbad, CA.. “This study demonstrates that Relora can be a successful adjunct to weight management in individuals who eat more when experiencing tension and anxiety.”

Historically, weight management products have contained stimulants that work as appetite suppressants and/or speed up metabolism. Relora is a dietary supplement ingredient that does not contain stimulants. Relora contains a patented plant extract of Magnolia and a proprietary extract of Phellodendron. The mechanism of action is through reduction of tension and anxiety with subsequent reduction in stress hormones that contribute to overeating, weight gain, and body fat.

Alternative Therapies Magazine reported that the Relora randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial was conducted to determine the efficacy of Relora in helping overweight, otherwise healthy, premenopausal female adults, who typically eat more in stressful situations manage their body weight. The study enrolled 40 healthy, overweight, physically active, 20-50 year old women. Subjects were randomized (1:1) to receive either placebo or 750 mg of Relora for 6 weeks. An intent-to-treat analysis indicated that the Spielberger Trait Total and Anxiety Index scores improved significantly, and by twice as much with Relora as with placebo (p=0.047). The Relora group also had twice as much average reduction in sleep latency (11 minutes, p=0.012) as the placebo group (5 minutes, p=0.147). The formulation was found to significantly reduce anxiety and stress.

Next Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a research and development company that markets its patented or patent-pending ingredients such as Relora®, Nexrutine®, Seditol® and Citri-Z™ to food, beverage, and dietary supplement companies seeking differentiation and a marketing edge with their healthy living products.

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