New Report on Consumer and Industry Trends

BELLEVUE, WA, February 19, 2004 - Large generalist retailers are fading, while the myth of one-stop shopping continues to evolve. Consumers continue to reinforce the act of drinking water as part of the daily ritual and seek healthier foods for their children. Additionally, they show a declining reliance on traditional approaches to medicine. Those are among the evolving trends in The Hartman Group's latest report, Coming Trends: a grounded perspective on evolving consumer insights.

In this report, The Hartman Group examines trends in both the recent past ("receding trends") and the current climate ("evolving trends") and offers analysis of their business implications. Rather than crystal ball predictions, researchers identified these insights through thousands of hours of observing and listening to consumers.

The report, published in two parts, looks at industry trends (Part I) and consumer trends (Part II). Both parts are offered for free to HartBeat newsletter subscribers through February 29th, after that they are available as a two-part package for $150.00.

Other trend insights found in the report include:

Part I. Industry Trends

The slow demise of generational marketing
Recognizing the limits of traditional research strategies
Stratified consumption patterns
The retail experience (and its various components)
Community as shared occurrences, interests and values
Social networks
Part II. Consumer Trends
Declining reliance on external authority
Fading interest in low-fat diet
Moving beyond the 'balance' trap
Yoga, (trailed closely by pilates)

The 'local' appeal
"Obviously, there are no magical formulas for predicting the future," said Founder and CEO of The Hartman Group, Harvey Hartman. "There is only the hard but interesting work of paying attention to and listening to consumers, understanding their needs, and developing strategies to be there in a position to most effectively serve them." For a complimentary press version of the report, please contact Blanca Hernandez.

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About The Hartman Group
The Hartman Group, founded in 1989, is a full-service market research and consulting firm that develops, collects and strategically analyzes consumer and trade information for companies that seek to produce and market nutritional, health or wellness promoting consumer products and services.

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