New studies highlight glycemic benefits of resistant starch

New studies highlight glycemic benefits of resistant starch

Natural resistant starch was shown to improve insulin sensitivity at lower doses and to contribute to the day-long glycemic benefits of whole grain foods.

National Starch Food Innovation today announced promising results on two recently published studies that support Hi-maize® resistant starch’s benefits for glycemic health. The latest clinical trial, which will be published in the April 2012 Journal of Nutrition, found more than a 50% improvement in insulin sensitivity in overweight and obese men after consuming three tablespoons of Hi-maize resistant corn starch as a supplement in their diet.


The study found that overweight or obese but non-diabetic male participants showed a 73% improvement in insulin sensitivity after receiving a 30 grams/day (g/d) dose of resistant starch from Hi-maize 260 resistant starch and a 56% improvement in insulin sensitivity from a 15 g/d dose (statistically significant, P<0.05) – this was the first study conducted using the lower 15 g/d dose of resistant starch.


Insulin resistance is a condition where the muscles and tissue lose their sensitivity to the effects of insulin: higher levels of insulin are required to effectively transport blood glucose into the muscle and tissues, where it is used as energy or stored as fat. As people age and/or gain weight, their insulin resistance rises. It may take years for insulin resistance to increase to the point where the prediabetes occurs.  The American Diabetes Association defines prediabetes as a non-disease state where blood sugar (glucose) levels are higher than normal but not yet high enough to be diagnosed as diabetes.


Dietary approaches to increasing insulin sensitivity can help to reduce the risk of developing prediabetes and will help to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. “With the costs in human suffering and medical treatment associated with high blood sugar levels, we should be doing everything we can to meet this enormous challenge,” said. Christine Pelkman, Ph.D., Clinical Research Manager at National Starch Food Innovation and co-author of the Journal of Nutrition study.


A second recently published study in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism concludes that the fermentable resistant starch component of whole grains and legumes may be responsible for the subsequent meal glycemic and insulin effects of these whole foods. In other words, eating intact whole grains and legumes at one meal helps to reduce the glycemic and insulin responses of the next meal, and even meals consumed the next day, because of the resistant starch. 


“Hi-maize resistant starch can be formulated into functional foods or added by consumers to their favorite home recipes to help maintain health blood sugar levels”, said Rhonda Witwer, Senior Business Development Manager of Nutrition with National Starch Food Innovation. “Hi-maize resistant starch may help to shift several important hormones, including insulin, that significantly affect glucose metabolism beyond the immediate meal.”


Hi-maize resistant starch is available to consumers from several sources, including ready-to-eat foods such as Aunt Millie’s Healthy Goodness Whole Grain White Bread, in bakery mixes like FACT Group’s Nutrition First™ bakery mixes, in gluten free products including Maninis™ Miracolo Pane™ classic peasant bread mix or as an ingredient – Hi-maize dietary fiber is available from King Arthur Flour. For additional information, including a complete list of foods containing Hi-maize resistant starch, visit <> .  For the latest research updates on the nutritional benefits of natural resistant starch from high-amylose corn, visit <> .


About Hi-maize® Resistant Starch

Hi-maize® resistant starch is a natural bioactive ingredient isolated from an identity preserved hybrid of corn that is naturally high in amylose content. Resistant starch resists digestion in the small intestine and reaches the large intestine. In the last 20 years, more than 200 published studies – including more than 70 human clinical trials – have demonstrated a range of potential health benefits resulting from dietary consumption of Hi-maize resistant starch.  These benefits include assisting blood sugar and energy management, weight management and satiety. It can be added to foods such as breads, pizza, pasta, and baked goods by partly replacing flour or to smoothies and shakes in a simple blending process.


About National Starch and Corn Products International

National Starch Food Innovation, part of Corn Products International, is a leading global supplier of nature-based functional and nutritional ingredient solutions to the food and beverage industries.


Corn Products International, Inc. is a leading global ingredient provider to the food, beverage, brewing and pharmaceutical industries as well as numerous industrial sectors. The company produces ingredients that provide valuable solutions to customers in approximately 50 countries.

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