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New study recognizes Meriva's bioavailability

In a new comparative study published in the Journal of Natural Product, the Indena product Meriva has demonstrated to be far more absorbable, about 29-fold, when compared to the unformulated curcumin mixture. Bonvit confirms in a new study its efficacy in the reduction of appetite and glycaemia.

In a new comparative study published in the Journal of Natural Product1, the Indena product Meriva® a standardized curcumin mixture formulated with the Hydrosome® technology has demonstrated to be far more absorbable, about 29-fold, when compared to the unformulated curcumin mixture.

The randomized double-blind crossover study has been effectuated on nine volunteers administered orally with two dosages of Meriva® and one dosage of a corresponding curcuminoid mix: five (low-dose) or nine (High-dose) capsules of Meriva® corresponding to 209 and 376 mg total curcuminoids, or, alternatively, five capsules of the corresponding non-formulated curcuminoid mixture containing 1799 mg of total curcuminoids.

After supplementation, the plasma concentration of the tree curcuminoids present in commercial curcumin (curcumin, demethoxycurcumin and bisdemethoxycurcumin) have been measured and the result has demonstrated that total curcuminoid absorption was about 29-fold higher for Meriva® than for its corresponding unformulated curcuminoid mixture. The improved absorption, and possibly also better plasma curcuminoid profile, might underlie the clinical efficacy of Meriva® at doses significantly lower than unformulated curcuminoid mixtures.

This new study represents a further step in the recognition of Meriva® bioavailability.

The strategy used in Meriva® to increase curcumin bioavailability is the combination of curcumin in a Phytosome® matrix, an Indena technology which consists in a formulation of the active with soy phospholipids.

Furthermore many studies have already confirmed Meriva® efficacy as anti-inflammatory agent in the cure of diseases like osteoarthritis2,3, uveitis relapses and other eye diseases4.

Meriva® has been granted the European Outsourcing Awards as “Best New Product” of the year in 2010.

Appetite control and glycaemia reduction managed with a novel botanical combination: Bonvit ®

Besides being a personal problem, overweight is also getting to be a major problem of public health, also because it is positively correlated to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer.

A novel combination of two highly standardized botanical extracts of Cynara scolimus (artichoke) and Phaseolus vulgaris (kidney bean) has demonstrated to be an effective supplementation in improving the satiation feeling and in balancing serum glucose and lipid metabolism. The study5 a randomized, double blind, placebo controlled clinical trial, has involved 39 overweight subjects that have been treated for two months. The primary outcome of the study has been the increase in the satiety feeling (Haber score), and this was reached in a statistically significant manner. Also, the glycaemia of the treated subjects has sensitively been reduced (about half the value) compared to the placebo group.

This study confirms various preclinical studies which had underlined the efficacy of the combination of the two botanical extracts in the treatment of overweight associated with increased glycaemia.

The purified, highly standardized and well characterized extract of Cynara scolimus (artichoke) has also given very positive results in an other randomized, double blind, placebo controlled trial on fifty overweight subjects presenting impaired fasting glycemia (IFG).6 The subjects, divided into two groups, were treated at breakfast, lunch and dinner with a total daily quantity of 600 mg Cynara scolimus purified extract, and at the end of the 8 weeks’ treatment period the treated group showed a significant decrease of fasting blood glucose (FBG) by 9.6%, a decrease in insulin resistance, assessed by homeostatic Metabolic assessment (HOMA) by 11.7% and a significant decrease of total, total/HDL and LDL cholesterol. All results were statistically significant compared to the placebo which, on the other hand, did not induce relevant improvements.

The results show a high potentiality in the supplementation treatment of overweight.

Indena ‘s Tours facility completes certification program

In February 2011 the Halal Institute Food Management Industry (HIFMI), the leading authority for the certification of products on ethical Islamic food and Islamic Law, has certified all products manufactured in the Indena Tours facility.

Before this, Kosher Certification was obtained for several products granted by The London Beth Din, Court of the Chief Rabbi, one of the largest Kosher certification agencies in Europe & Asia and by a leading authority on Kosher food and Jewish Law; furthermore ECOCERT validated other products for use in cosmetic formulation, according to ecological and organic standards.            

This certification program is exemplified by Opextan®, which is a non-caloric standardized olive polyphenolic extract derived from the pulp of the olives. Its characteristic phytonutrient, among other polyphenols, is verbascoside that has been shown to be the most potent antioxidant from the olive tree. Opextan® has been demonstrated to reduce skin sensitivity to UV irradiation and to reduce lipid peroxidation and oxidative stress.

Opexan® has got Kosher and Halal Certifications and is also ECOCERT validated. All this makes the product suitable for all markets. Olive tree is not only the symbol of the Mediterranean diet but it has been used for centuries also as symbol of peace.

These certifications for this special olive extract could represent a bridge over cultural diversities and a common recognition, in the name of peace, of different human identities.

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Indena is the leading company dedicated to the identification, development and production of active principles derived from plants, for use in the pharmaceutical, health food and cosmetics industries. Backed up by 90 years of botanical experience, the key to Indena's success is its intense research activity. The company has more than 150 primary patents and has published more than 700 scientific studies. Indena employs more than 700 staff, including 10% dedicated to full-time research activities carried out at Settala Research Center, near Milan. Indena also co-operates with the world's most prestigious universities and private research institutions. Headquartered in Milan, Indena has 5 production sites and 4 international branches throughout the world and manages distribution operations in more than 40 countries. The Company's experts communicate and interact constantly with the major international regulatory authorities such as WHO, EMEA, and ESCOP, and cooperate on the update of all the main pharmacopoeias.

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