Newly Approved Cardiovascular Treatment in China Features Same Active Ingredient as Technical Sourcing’s MSV 60®

MISSOULA, MT (September 1, 2005) – Technical Sourcing International, Inc. (TSI) announced today that a new medicine approved for the potential treatment of chronic angina by the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) of China features the same active ingredient as TSI’s MSV 60® material. Both items are standardized to the same constituent – magnesium salvianolate B from the Chinese herb Dan Shen (Salvia miltiorrhiza). The only differences are that the Chinese medicine contains 80% magnesium salvianolate B (also referred to as magnesium lithospermate B), whereas TSI’s MSV 60 contains 60%, and the former is injected, whereas the latter is an oral powder.

One of the most significant remedies in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dan Shen has been the subject of research at the Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica (SIMM), a unit of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, since 1992. On May 25, the SFDA approved a new drug application for depsides salts from Salvia miltiorrhiza, with magnesium lithospermate B as the primary active compound, for the potential treatment of chronic angina. The approval came on the heels of years of clinical trials showing that the standardized extract significantly reduced myocardial infarct size (the portion of the heart muscle that is damaged by insufficient blood supply) and lessened myocardial injury, lowered the oxygen consumption of the heart muscle in tissue and animal studies, and reduced platelet aggregation (blood cell stickiness) and thrombosis (blood clot) formation.

MSV 60, which features the same active ingredient as the newly approved cardiovascular treatment, was introduced in 1999 as a natural way to enhance cardiovascular health. The ingredient has been the subject of five different studies at the SIMM. These studies showed MSV 60 increases coronary circulation, enhances heart muscle strength under hypoxic (low-oxygen) conditions, lowers oxygen consumption by the heart, offers free radical protection to heart tissue, and supports healthy blood platelets.

TSI was awarded a patent (U.S. Patent 6,299,910) for MSV 60 in 2001, which allows the company to process the most advanced extract of Dan Shen on the herbal market, guaranteeing 60% magnesium salvianolate B, plus all eight marker compounds in their natural ratios. The approval of the new Chinese medicine, which features the same active compound as MSV 60, provides additional evidence to support the efficacy of TSI’s dietary supplement ingredient in the support of cardiovascular health.

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Technical Sourcing International, Inc. (TSI) is a leading developer, producer, and marketer of nutraceutical ingredients to the dietary supplement, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage industries. Among the numerous botanical, marine, and natural product extracts, as well as synthesized compounds in its ingredient portfolio, the company also offers several trademarked consumer ingredient brands, including OSTIVONE®, PROMILIN®, PEAK ATPTM, MSV 60®, Ginkgo 24/6/5TM and PUREFLEX® Chondroitin Sulfate and Glucosamine. The company is based in Missoula, Montana, and can be reached at (406) 549-9123 or

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