NewTree Belgian Chocolates: Functional Foods, Fabulous Flavors

San Francisco, Calif. – With sophisticated new packaging, sizes and six great flavors, NewTree Belgian chocolate bars will debut at the San Francisco Fancy Food Show, to be held at the Moscone Center January 18-20.

“NewTree now shows its true nature – fine quality, functional food wrapped up in a truly delectable chocolate bar,” says Tempe Reichardt, President of NewTree USA, Inc.

Combining the finest quality Belgian chocolate with all natural ingredients such as lavender, guarana, black currant, and grapes, NewTree brings the consumer “functional flavors” that excite the pallet, promote health, and titillate the mind and spirit.

“Both the package and our six flavors reflect the gourmet and healthy elements of our chocolate,” added Reichardt.

The six chocolate bars are named:

  • PLEASURE, pure dark chocolate, high in minerals and fiber
  • RENEW, rich in antioxidants, as it contains dark chocolate, grapes and black currants
  • FORGIVENESS, containing dark chocolate, lemon and a type of cactus fiber that helps metabolism and burns fat
  • VIGOR, a stimulating blend of chocolate, coffee and guerana, a small berry grown in the Amazon basin
  • TRANQULITY, a delightful combination of milk chocolate, lavender and lime blossom -- all of which help with relaxation
  • REJOICE, a truly sensuous combination of bitter orange, lime blossom and crisped rice, which help one decompress

“We are certain that the new names and the new package will make the product jump off the shelf” says Reichardt.

NewTree chocolates are available in two sizes:

· Regular size - 2.82 ounce bars
· Mini-bars - 0.32 ounce bars (three per box)

NewTree is currently sold in the San Francisco Bay area in stores including Draeger’s, Woodlands and the Rainbow market, and in top stores around the country such as A Southern Season in North Carolina, and Zabar's in New York.

And, as we enter the new year: REJOICE over all that’s good, look back on the past with FORGIVENESS, and RENEW our hearts and minds with VIGOR and PLEASURE, while seeking peace and TRANQULITY in all ways.

So goes the thinking of the NewTree team…

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